Israel and Egypt trip 2009 travel blog

The Sea of Galilee looking north toward Capernaum and Bethsaida

The Sea of Galilee looking south toward Tiberius (our hotel)

A crew member raising "ole glory" for us Yanks.

Linda on the boat. Say goodbye to the hat. The wind blew...

Linda and Justin on the Sea of Galilee

Rufus Gonder asked to drive the boat. Men and their toys!

The Sea of Galilee looking across to the Decapolis

Our Captain demonstrating how to "cast" a net

Notice the white caps? It was very windy.

Mom's knees are starting to go. For those of you who are praying for us, thank you and don't stop. The small "cane" she brought is a great help but there is so much walking during the day and it's starting to take its toll on her.

We stopped in to see the 2000 year old fishing boat that is on display near Capernaum and the pictures I took weren't great because of the dim lights that are necissary to preserve the boat. I will stick a few pictures in in case you are interested.

We took a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee back to Tiberius and the crew raised the U.S. flag and played the Star Spangled Banner for us. They said that the ship would temporarily be the property of the United States. They also said that the crew would have to jump overboard because they did not have green cards to work legally! We got a kick out of how fun they were.

They stopped the boat about halfway to shore and did a small demonstration of Galilean fishing. The men running the boat were all believers in Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew). The man told a neat story about John chapter 21 and the 153 fish the disciples caught under the command of Jesus. Why did they count the fish? It's an inside joke, as is "What do you get when you have two Jews?" Three opinions!

We ended the day with some light shopping. Linda was very tired and we joked with each other that we were too tired to go to dinner. I've never been too tired to eat but I'm real close.

Shalom everyone. See you tomorrow at the Dead Sea if Yeshua wills.

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