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Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee

Looking toward the sea from the mount of the beatitudes

Northern Galilee

Linda and Justin at the Church of the Beatitudes

I've must start with the sunrise. At 6 o'clock local time, the sun began to rise. Linda pulled me out of bed to see the sky starting to turn orange over the hills of the decapolis. The Sea of Galilee is only 7 miles wide at it's widest point so you can see the hills pretty clearly across the lake. There are probably prettier sunrises throughout the world but it was very special to experience one in an area very close to Jesus' home of Capernaum. And it was not cold outside. At least not to us. Having slept last night in what felt like a meat locker, the outside air felt like Southern California! It was really special to be there with Mom. You know that you have moments in your life that no matter what happens, you will not forget it? This morning was one of those. I will never forget watching the sun rise over Galilee with my mother.

Our first trip this morning was by bus to the area dedicated to Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. There is a Catholic church built in the 20th century that overlooks the Sea of Galilee from the north side of the sea. The view from there is quite spectacular. I took several pictures there but you will have to wait until I get back to the states because I only recently fixed our memory card problems. The sisters that maintain the church here do keep up the landscaping quite nicely. If I knew more about the species of plants and shrubs that lined the pathways around the church, I would say more but the smell of fresh flowers was with you from the moment you stepped off the bus to the time you returned. Dvora gave us a small talk about Jesus, and Gary Molloy read the Beatitudes.

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