Israel and Egypt trip 2009 travel blog

450 year old olive tree in Nazareth

All new shoots coming out of the old stump

Modern city of Nazareth

Rufus Gonder trying his hand at 2000 year old woodworking tools.

Oil lamp.

Justin at the edge of Nazareth's cliff.

Linda with Mt. Tabor in the background

Nazareth is a very prosperous city almost completely populated by Arabs. 70 percent of those are Muslims and the rest are either Greek Orthodox or Catholic Christians. The Pope was here just a few weeks before us and the city was still very clean. Devora said there were all kinds of new construction projects just for his visit.

There is one place in Nazareth that is dedicated to depicting an authentic village from Jesus’ childhood. During the tour you can observe people dressed in clothing similar to those worn by Nazareth residents during Jesus’ time and see many things used in daily life. We saw a threshing floor, a wine press cut out of rock, a watchtower set on a hill, a stone quarry, carpenter’s shop, another olive press where several thousand pounds of weights can be employed to crush olives.

The synagogue they had recreated was really neat because of the story in Luke chapter 4 of Jesus reading from chapter 61 of Isaiah and claiming that the prophecy had been fulfilled in their hearing. The people were so enraged that they led him to the hill upon which their city was built and were going to cast Him down headfirst.

We drove to the precipice where tradition tells of this being the spot Jesus was led.

A question asked by Devora a lot is why did you come to Israel? I have thought about my answer and up until now I didn’t have a good one.

Why did you come to Israel? Was it to see the stones? No, it was to hear the stones. You cannot come to Israel and see these things and stay the same person. God has said that if He is not worshiped, the stones would surely cry out. (Luke 19:40)

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