Kindy Does South America 2008/2009 travel blog

Beach at Punta Suarez

Beach at Punta Suarez

Punta Suarez

Our lovely guide Juan and the resident Suarez sealion behind him

Blue-footed boobie at Punta Suarez- and yes, all that white stuff is...

Living together in harmony: sea iguana and baby sealion on Punta Suarez...

Albatross having a siesta in her nest


Its a colony of albatross and their nests (and eggs!)

An albatross couple pre-eggs having a cuddle and some kisses

Cliffs off of Punta Suarez

Albatross in the air

Me at Punta Suarez cliffs with yes, very short shorts (it was...

The famed blowhole, Punta Suarez

Masked boobie couple enjoy the views of the blowhole and its rainbow

Masked boobie- hee hee, they are funny

Fluffy white baby boobie

Baby boobie pre-mask

Cuddly creatures at Gardner Bay come to visit me

Gardner Bay Beach and Iguana Island in the background

Sealions sleep at Gardner Bay

Baby sealion comes up close while I enjoy the beach on my...

She comes to lick my foot

They are sooo cute when they do the belly-flop pose

Coming in for a kiss

Gorgeous Gardner Bay Beach

Today's highlights:

- seeing a huge colony of sea lions at Punta Suarez bay where they belched, groaned and barked to the point of annoyance; competing to sleep in the middle of the group and the babies cuddling and trying to play with each other

- the waved albatrosses- flying and laying on their eggs in the nest

- watching a pair of albatrosses kissing!

- the big blow hole, the ensuing rainbow

- watching pairs of masked boobies on the cliffs overlooking the blowhole

- playing catch the stick and fling it around and catch it again with an adolescent masked boobie; so cute!

- Gardner Bay beach in the afternoon- gorgeous

- laying on my beach towel amongst a ton of sea lions at Gardner Bay and having a baby come up and sniff and play with me!

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