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Thursday 21st May. Both of us woke up covered in bites, legs, arms, head and body, at least ten times in the night. Covered them in antihistamine but did not seem to work so just grin and bear. Aimed to reach Hungarian border by nightfall via Vukavar for the war memorials and Osijek for its great fortress and the Kopacki Rit national park. Following the road out of the marsh and river area we had stayed in we passed even more of the nesting storks, the quaint old buildings and the fabulous bird life. Judy was like a dog with two tails leaning out of the car waving the camera at whatever moved. ( for the kids- Nana pictures!!!). Actually some were pretty good.

After driving for nearly an hour without a proper map and no road signs just using the sun (its only proper use) we hit the motorway. Our surroundings soon changed from the river and marsh of the National Park to a mix of open prairie and heavy deciduous woods. The terrain was flatter and the fertile eastern part of the country opened out before us with huge fields of wheat, rape and other cereals. An hour later we pulled off towards Vinkovci, a large industrial city with few reasons to explore. Still heading north the road was blocked with an accident and the sun came into its own again. Judy felt it might be a sign that we should stop as we might run into land mines but I kept going and finally reached Vukavar. This city was under siege for five years and most of the buidings badly damaged or destroyed but slowly people are returning and rebuilding. The sights are quite disturbing and the fact that 2,000 people men, women and children were killed and buried in mass graves is almost incomprehensible.

On to Osijek but the itching had got so bad in the 30 degree conditions all we wanted was a hotel and a rub down with anti-itch! So here we are in Beli Manastir in four star comfort just chilling out!

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