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Just chillin

I don't know that big iguana is sneaking up on me

Just sunning myself boy this beach is rocky

Help I'm about to get eaten by an iguana

Cory and Elaine enjoying the boat ride

feet - isn't it self explanatory

Elaine and Poco posing with the star fish


Little did I know what I was in for! Friday morning, we were up and ready to head off on our Catamaran trip. Now one thing I have to tell you, Cory and Elaine were a bit upset about having spent two weeks learning Spanish, and felt perhaps they should have studied Italian, or German, or any other language, even French. For the entire 5 days on Cayo Largo, they did not run into another person who spoke English as a first language. Some of the staff at the resort were able to make limited conversation in English, Italian, French, and German. Five days of having nobody to speak to but each other. Elaine came up with a new saying – “what am I – English?” I digress, back to the catamaran. It was primarily Italians, with a young Russian couple. Our first of three stops took us to Iguana Island. How exciting, or so I thought. This is a little island surrounded by beautiful blue green waters, full of Iguanas or as Cory and Elaine like to call them Iggy. I thought it was the iguanas lucky day, as they were going to be photographed with me. I put my best smile on, and thought it rather odd, that I was posed, lying on my back facing up to the sun. It took but a moment to realize what was happening. Have you ever experienced an Iguana’s tongue on your face? Yes, you guessed it, they were trying to sacrifice me to Iggy Wasn’t it enough for them, that I was almost swallowed by a child in Punta Gorda? I swear the big iguana, was going to have me for lunch. They didn’t just put me in this pose once. I have blocked it out, but I will never forget the sensation, one minute I am sunning myself, and the next the sun is being blocked by this ugly creature staring down at me. I smell the worst breath you can imagine. He then flicks his forked tongue at my face. Ewwww, yuck! I think I am lucky I have such a big head, or else he would have picked my up in his mouth and ran away with me. Even though these creatures appear large and cumbersome, they can move fairly quickly, and we were on their turf and they know all the hiding spots. Fortunately our stop here wasn’t too long, and while my heart slowed down to a normal mascot beat, we headed off to our next stop. We pulled up to a shallow area, and everyone jumped overboard and into the warm water. It was here that I had my picture taken with a very large starfish. I am so glad that starfish do not have tongues. One tongue lashing was enough for me for one day. After drinks on board it was time to head to our final spot for the day - the live coral reef. Cory and Elaine donned their masks and snorkels, borrowed fins from the boat and into the water they plunged. They left me alone, to keep an eye on things, while they swam, and experience all that the coral reef had to offer. There was live coral, (becoming more and more rare in the world, and all kinds of wonderful coloured fishes. I am surprised they didn’t try to feed me to the barracudas. I guess they felt a twinge of guilt over feeding me to Iggy. After everyone was back on board, the captain put up the sails, and we made our way back to the marina. Cory, who normally tans very easily, was still a bit cautious after his burn in Mexico, so he had taken to wearing sunscreen. Normally on vacation Elaine takes, an SPF of 8 or 4. With the hot Cuban sun, it was time to up the SPF, and they purchased a 16. This turned out to be a good thing, and was a high enough number. They faithfully followed the directions and applied after long exposure, and after swimming. At the end of the day, they showed a visible difference in colour, but not a burn. I think they would be a hurting unit, if they had stuck with their number 8. On previous trips Cory and Elaine have used a Body Shop product called After Sun. For some unknown, ridiculous reason, they no longer make the product. Start a petition, write your MLA, bring back After Sun! I heard Cory and Elaine discussing the Cuban sun, and that it is the hottest, most intense sun, they have ever experienced. I am glad to see they are being careful about putting on their sunscreen, it is like a ritual in the morning. Then at the end of the evening it is time to put on moisturizer. Did I mention that they really like Body Shop After Sun? As they packed light, so they could carry my stuff, they only brought a small container of moisturizer. It is now gone, so they are in search of something new. This presents a bit of a challenge, as they are dealing with products that are unfamiliar to them, that also happen to have all the ingredients listed in Spanish. Does anyone know the translation for red dye # 5 in Spanish?

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