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Our last meal together

Our last meal together

It had rained all night, but we emerged from our tents bone dry.

The truck, unfortunately, was leaking all night in one spot and Tanya's locker got pretty wet.

While everyone took shifts to pack their bags, Niiigel and Lammie relaxed --we don't leave Nairobi until tomorrow night.

We all got a ride into town to the hotel where many of the folks are spending their last night (we decided to camp another night). While everyone was settling in, we dashed off to the post office before it closed. After we regrouped, we went over to the market in the city centre. There was an overwhelming selection of costume jewellery, and a vast array of everything from cotton scarves to chess sets and wood carvings.

Half starved, we stumbled out of the market and into an Italian restaurant for our last meal together. We said our final farewells and headed our separate ways.


At the start of the trip, we really didn't know what the expect. Though we had some of our worries dispelled by Nigel's folks (ie: ...ladies at the back and men at the front? really?!) and flipped through their great photos, we couldn't have imagined the amazing scenery, the stomach wrenching feeling as we slid 80 kmph face first down a sand dune (and the pain of the landing!), the rush from rafting on the Zambezi, the rich smell of spices on the plantations, the excitement of bush camping in the Serengeti with hyenas walking past our tents, the sound of hippos calling from the river by our campsite, the laughter and singing from the local children, and the powerful experience of watching a kill right before our eyes.

We met a lot of really great people on this trip that we will never forget.

Who knows? Perhaps one day, we'll be back here again.


Highlights for this half: (how do we choose??)

- safaris: we got much closer to the wildlife -(hey, we parked right beside 7 lions!!)

- finished off the Big 5!

- the cheetah vs. impala showdown

- Ngorongoro Crater - a natural zoo

- seeing Mt.Kilimanjaro

- bush camping in the Serengeti (no enclosure)

- meeting the local children

- more contact with the locals - village tours/walks, Maasai Bomer visit

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