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Statues all around Sioux Falls Park

Falls Park

Beautiful Walkways

Monarch of the Plains

Old Power Plant now a restaurant

Lookouts around the park give you great views of the Falls

Brian at the Falls

Vicky at the falls

Pettigrew Museum

Old Courthouse Clock Tower

Old Courthouse Museum

We drove yesterday to Sioux Falls, South Dakota we left really early about 7:30 am because their was a report of heavy winds hitting around 70 mph. We were really lucky because as we headed towards Sioux Falls the wind was behind us all the way. We arrived in Sioux Falls about 3:00 pm and got set up just in time for the winds to hit here lets just say we thought for a while we were going to be like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. The wind didn't die down till around 2 am.

We only had one full day here so we went to see the Falls. Falls Park is right in the middle of the downtown area it has magnificent rock formations washed by water of the Big Sioux River. There were six viewing areas, walkways and picnic areas that you could sit and enjoy watching the water flow downstream. They have some of the city's earliest buildings built in Sioux Falls at Falls Park. These included the foundation of an 1887 mill, a replica of its turbine house and Sioux Falls original hydroelectric plant built in 1908. The plant has been renovated and re-opened as the Falls Overlook Cafe.

It was a really nice day so it made it really pleasant for walking around the park. We met a youth pastor who was travelling with his two sons and a friend. They were going to various conferences around the U.S. They were from the Chicago area and were making their ways towards Oregon.

We left the park and went over to the Old Courthouse Museum. The courthouse is a beautifully restored 1800's quartzite building. It has three floors of regional history exhibits and historic murals. We don't have many pictures because they don't allow you to take pictures of too many exhibits. Quite interesting and they don't charge to go through the building.

We also went and saw the Pettigrew Home & Museum. The home is in a very beautiful heritage park of town. The homes reminded me of some of the older homes in New Westminster. The house was built in 1889, a Queen Anne style home which was the home of the First senator of South Dakota, R.F. Pettigrew. You geta guided tour of the house which is restored to exactly as it was with Pettigrew lived there and they also have added onto the house a museum galleries which house artifacts, photographs, videos and a lot more. The home featured detailed origianl woodwork, gorgeous silk damas wall covers and beautiful jeweled glass windows. Brian and I found the story of Pettigrew quite interesting.

Pettigrew first came to Sioux Falls in 1869. He worked tirelessly to build and promote the city. He was responsible for bringing in all five early railroads, developing many businesses for the community, and he served as Dakota’s representative to Congress in Washington D.C. When South Dakota became a state in 1889, Pettigrew was elected to serve as our first full term senator. He would serve two terms in Congress, championing the rights of women, farmers, and the commonworking man.

One of R.F. Pettigrew’s passions was his collecting. He was a world traveler and amateur archaeologist. His holdings led him to build his own museum on the rear of his home that opened to the public in 1925. Artifacts such as stone tools, projectile points, Native American clothing, guns, natural history specimens, and items related to the settlement of Sioux Falls all were included. When he died in 1926, he left his home and museum to the city of Sioux Falls to be maintained as a museum. A further addition would be added to the home in the 1930s by the city, completing Pettigrew’s vision.

By the time we left Pettigrew's it was getting late so we stopped at the Dairy Queen of course and had a sundae. We came home did some clean up and had dinner. We are now just sitting watching the TV and relaxing. We leave tomorrow for Austin, Minnisota where we will spend one day then Waterton Wisconsin for one more day then we are in Fort Atkinson for five days from there we go to Chicago to see Gary & Michelle which we are very excited about.

Keep in touch.

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