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What a wonderful day!

Marilyn & I were up having our morning coffee pretty early this morning. Marilyn had an appointment to see the doctor in order to learn the outcome of a routine test. All is good!

I wrote that because we know that so many of you do express your care and we do not wish for anyone to worry.

Before we left to go to the clinic, I walked across the parking lot to get a key for the cave.

We had some pretty nasty storms in the area yesterday evening and the cave is a wonderful storm shelter.

I also packed up our DISH equipment to ship back to the DISH company. We have been happy with DISH Network, but we just don’t need it much.

We are able to get the four major networks from the antenna when we are here in Hannibal. We get all the channels at our summer hideaway in Colorado, and more than 100 channels of great cable TV is included at Llano Grande, where we spend our winters.

When we travel, many if not most of the RV parks we stay in offer cable TV, or we can get the primary channels from our antenna.

Basically we decided that spending $65.00 a month was merely an added expense for us.

So we shipped back the receiver, two remotes, and the LNB. DISH sent us the packing material required along with a shipping label, so there was no charge to us, to ship it back.

At the hospital, as we waited for Marilyn to be called, we noticed two ladies who came in and sat near us.

It wasn’t long before one of them looked over at us and said, “Well, hello there! How are the Dray’s?”

Marilyn recognized them as people we knew from Monroe City. Of course, as I sometimes do, I assumed it was the daughter rather than the mother, but that was considered a compliment by the lady, rather than a goof on my part.

Sometimes we just luck out! LOL

On the way back to the Campground, we made a stop at the County Market grocery store, to pick up some groceries.

I had decided that I should fix some soup that Marilyn would like, even if she is on a diet, so I bought a few items for that.

Once back at the RV, I sautéed some onions and garlic in a mix of butter and EVOO, then added a 32 oz box of chicken stock.

Once that was boiling I added three hands full of elbow macaroni, and allowed that to cook for about eight minutes, then added a can of white beans (drained), a can of stewed tomatoes (Not drained),

And a small package of frozen spinach (thawed and with the water wrung out of it).

I flavored it with a bit of salt and pepper and a teaspoon of sugar, and allowed it to simmer for awhile.

I served it in a mug and topped it with grated parmesan cheese.

It turned out quite good! Especially for a low calorie main course.

In the afternoon, Marilyn drove in to town to meet Jennifer and Colby. I know the gals and Colby will enjoy spending some time together.

While the gals were gone, Linda walked over to ask if Marilyn could help out in the gift shop tomorrow, just for a couple of hours. She said sure, when I asked her, so I walked over to the gift shop to inform the staff that Marilyn would help out for a couple of hours tomorrow.

When Jennifer, Marilyn and Colby returned they found me outside working on the Wii. I worked on the balance exercises and improved my ski jump distance as well as the ski slalom time. I need to work on this every day to get better.

We baby sat with Colby while Jennifer drove to Wal-Mart to get the oil changed in her car.

Marilyn & I plan to go out for dinner tomorrow evening, with Paul & Diane. We think that we will leave around 4:00 PM and take some time to show them around Hannibal before we go to eat.

In any case, the weather today was simply awesome as is frequently the case on the day after a storm goes through.

Tonight we will settle down with the TV to watch “Survivor”.

Marilyn & I both will be helping out at the Cave tomorrow. It won’t be long before the school trips will be over, and that means a much less busy schedule here at the Cave. That is our first signal that our time here is getting short.

We will be on our way to Colorado for a couple of months, before you know it. We will hate to leave in some ways, but look forward to it in other ways.

So, for now, I’ll wrap this up and we’ll look forward to whatever adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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