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On the way to Hell's Canyon

First lake in a series of dams on the Snake River

Idaho Power Campgrounds



Canyon walls

White water raft boats below

Steep!! boat ramp


View from our picnic table

Out on day pass




Just like family, our Boise friends have been so welcoming. Visiting with their parents, hearing and seeing places they have grown up with was fun. Of course, there is always the nitty-gritty to catch up on. Acutally, there are two more important Idaho couples in this state. Unfortuanately, schedules don't always coincide. All these folks live in a lovely state. Idaho is bordered on the west by Oregon and on the east by Wyoming. How well do you know your geography? What natural landmarks border this state? What recreation area is divided by the Oregon-Idaho state border? Local flavor, Mom & Pop restaurants are right up our alley. Crow's Inn is known for its hamburgers. By the way, pass this idea along(I'm sure the restaurant wouldn't mind). With the hamburger one has the choice to have a half and half order of real Idaho potatoe fries and salad. Usually, the decision between one or the other is too difficult. Mad Dawg's Daddy joined us. It was neat to see the senior options each of their folks have. I'm taking notes for us-ha! OK, the answer to the second question was our destination yesterday. Hell's Canyon is the deepest gorge in the United States-over 8,000 feet deep. The furious Snake River lies at the bottom. By the likes of the fishermen, many a fish must be caught there. This river, also, has a multiple dam system for the purpose of regulating water in regards to irrigation. That must mean something grows nearby! Yes, actually the heart of the growing area is named, Fruitland. Apricots, cheeries, onions, wheat, etc. Eastern Idaho is also home to melons(WHAT???) and potatoes. Even after a fun day in Hell's Canyon, we weren't too tired for Mexican(complete with margaritas) in honor of Mad Dawg's upcoming birthday. Listen to this, they introduced us to steamed artichokes...the artichokes have intrigued us since I spotted ones as big as a honey dew in the California markets. Oh, so delicious and easy to prepare. Corky said it's sort of like picking blue crabs...more fun work than filling your tummy up! As we continue on, we are thankful for another delightful expericense of good friends, fun, and food! Travel safely and enjoy Salt Lake. I'm going to go ahead with posting this. The pictures will follow. Internet connections have been spotty at best.

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