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I was lucky enough to have met up with to Aussie ladies we invited me to wander around Miraflores today. Miraflores is an affluent neighbourhood that could rival some in oz. It's known for its shopping areas, gardens, flower-filled parks and beaches. Although veiled in mist at the moment, it is very pretty. We walked to Larco Mar, a galleria cut into the high cliff face, Le Parque Del Amour or lovers seat that has beautiful mosaics and expressions of love from those who visit.

The Parque del Amour or Park of Love is located near the Pacific Ocean. It was opened in 1993 on Valentines day. The colorful mosaic benches remind me of Gaudi Park in Barcelona. The centerpiece of the park is the sculpture of El Beso, a couple engaged in a passionate kiss. The sculpture celebrates the lovers who gather to catch the sunset on the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Walking here at most times of day you may see many couples kissing or snuggled together.

Wrapping up the day, we went to the markets to see the fresh food and crafts. I have been told to save my pennies for Cuzco as the price is many times cheaper. The crafts and Alpaca clothes are of very high standard and the colours are to die for! The only thing I didn't like was the tarantula framed everywhere, in consideration of my side trip to the Amazon. The shopkeeper mentioned though that they knock before they come into your room there.... great....

Tonight we meet our group for dinner and then we'll be on our way!

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