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Marilyn & I slept in much later than we planned this morning. It was after 7:30 AM when we got out of bed. Trust me, that is late for us. We are the early to bed and early to rise kind of folks.

The folks from California that I had on a tour of Cameron Cave yesterday had requested that I be the guide for their tour of Mark Twain Cave this morning.

I met these good people at 9:00 AM and we had a wonderful tour. They all enjoyed it a lot. Every one of them thanked me and shook my hand when the tour was over. I sure enjoy having a group like that!

As soon as I came out of the Mark Twain Cave, it was time to lead a tour of Cameron Cave. The group going to Cameron Cave was half adults and half kids in the 10 year old range. They were from Kirksville, MO, where I used to teach at N.E. Missouri State University, now called Truman State University.

One lady on the tour said “I know you, you are Ed Dray!”

She said that she knew us when we lived in Edina, MO.

She mentioned her name and I did remember her, but we didn’t know her well. We talked as we walked down the hill.

I then had about an hour break before leading another tour of Mark Twain Cave.

As I walked back to the gift shop after eating some lunch, I saw Paul & Diane checking in.

They are now our neighbors. We are hoping that we have some time to spend with them this next week.

I then left these good people and went to give a tour.

This time it was a group of school kids from Monmouth, IL, and they were a fairly rowdy bunch.

I was glad when that tour was over!

With my day at the Cave finished, I walked to our RV, met Jennifer and Colby walking, and then met Marilyn talking with Paul & Diane.

Jennifer needed me to follow her to the auto dealership to have a system in her car checked out.

Marilyn kept Colby and prepared our dinner while Jen and I were gone.

We returned to the Campground to find Colby asleep and Marilyn hard at work to get the “Spaghetti Amore” finished up.

When Colby woke from his nap, Jennifer took him outdoors to play. Linda had her dogs, Judge and Lassie (Pronounced Lacy) tied on the lawn and Colby loves to pet these dogs. They are extremely gentle and we allowed Colby to pet them. Marilyn ran to get the camera so maybe I will have a few pictures to post for you.

Tomorrow, I will go with Marilyn for a consultation with her Doctor. I also want to get an appointment for a chiropractic treatment for myself. I’ve been having quite a bit of pain in my back and hips.

We’ll see what happens with that.

So another day fades into evening, and we look forward to some relaxation.

No tours tomorrow for me, but we must wait to see what other adventures tomorrow may have in store…..

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