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Colby has been busy




Colby wore his Papa out




Last evening, about 9:30 PM, we noticed a group of young people across the street. Their were three Vans with a mix of adults and children, 19 in all, and it appeared that they were going to camp here overnight.

Sure enough, after Marilyn & I enjoyed our coffee and quiet time together this morning, I rode my bike through the campground, noticing the three vans parked in an area with four good sized tents set up.

One guy was outdoors chopping some wood for the fire, so I stopped to say hello.

I noticed that two of the cars had Texas license, so I asked “What part of Texas are you from?”

The guy replied “We’re from California. These are rental cars.”

We visited for a few more minutes and then I left.

When I went in to give a tour this morning, I was delighted to discover that this group was the group for my tour of Cameron Cave.

We had a nice time! These are a special private school group, on a tour to learn more about the Mississippi River.

They have been reading Mark Twain books and are here for a couple of days.

They will continue the journey until they reach Minneapolis, MN and will fly back to California from there.

The leader of the group asked me to conduct the tour of Mark Twain Cave with them tomorrow, so I have arranged that.

Back from my first tour this morning, I was told that we had a very large group for Cameron Cave, waiting for a tour. We had 56 people, mostly young kids from an elementary school in Ursa, IL.

We had only two guides available so Jamie took 28 and I took 28.

That tour wasn’t as enjoyable for me, as the first one, due to the young age of the second group. Most were in the third grade but some were second grade kids.

It was after 1:00 PM by the time those tours were over so I plugged the lanterns in to charge and walked over to the RV to have some lunch. I ate leftovers for lunch and then relaxed for a few minutes.

Colby had been with his grandma Mimi all morning, so it was my turn for some play time.

I went outdoors to intercept Colby and Marilyn who were enjoying a stroller ride around the campground. At least Colby was enjoying the ride. Grandma Mimi was the motor. LOL

Later I took Colby for a ride in the golf cart, which he loves.

He sat quietly beside me as we rode through the campground, then suddenly he looked up at me, and said “Papa”.

He then started to stand up so I stopped the golf cart, and experienced one of those special moments that God saves just for Grandparents. Colby stood in the seat beside me, then climbed on my lap, put his arms around my neck, patted my shoulder and said again, “Papa”. Oh my! How are we ever going to leave here at the end of June?

Colby and I played outdoors much of the afternoon. We took a few pictures to share with you.

Jennifer came by when her class was over today. She and Colby will stay for dinner tonight. Great!

We also were informed that several friends that we met in Branson last June, will be here starting tomorrow. Paul & Diane, we are anxious to see you again.

We last saw these good people in Colorado last summer.

They will be the first of a number of friends who will visit us here in Hannibal this year. We look forward to seeing each one of you.

Well, dear friends, I have had my shower and feel refreshed. Jen & Marilyn have Colby out for another stroll around the campground. So, now I’ll wrap this up for now, perhaps I can find something to cook on the grill and save Marilyn from the cooking tonight. We’ll see!

Now, we’ll enjoy the company of our daughter and our grandson, and as always, we’ll look forward to whatever adventures tomorrow might have in store…..

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