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The past couple of days, I have written about things which were on my mind. So, today I may return to giving you a more or less running account of the activity here.

Marilyn & I went out for breakfast on Saturday morning. From there we went shopping at Wal-Mart.

Back at the RV we put things away and just kicked back for the day.

We really enjoyed our time together. We even sat outdoors on our patio with a cold drink.

It was a very relaxing day for the two of us.

Sunday morning we had our morning coffee before our shower, then dressed for Mass.

After church, we returned to the Campground and began setting up the lawn furniture, grill, etc, because the kids were coming in and bringing Colby.

Marilyn fixed BBQ pork in the slow cooker, baked beans, potatoes & onions, while I grilled some burgers and the kids brought ice cream, angel food cake, and strawberries.

We all enjoyed our time together, and Colby entertained us all afternoon.

Steve, my son-in-law, mastered the Wii games enough to unlock new games and had a great time with the balance games.

We may have to get one of those for the kids at Christmas time, unless they get one before then.

Colby was asked if he wanted his “tubby time” before the kids left for home, and he immediately ran toward the bedroom and the shower. He managed to get in the shower and turn the water on himself, with his clothing on! What fun!

Marilyn & I watched the finale of “The Amazing Race” last night, and intended to watch the finale of “The Unit”, but got involved with “The Apprentice”.

We slept good last night and were up early this morning. We had our morning coffee and then drove into town for breakfast.

Marilyn ordered a single waffle with a side order of bacon. The cost was $9.00, which is quite high for this small town in the Midwest. My breakfast of eggs, ham, hash browns, and toast, with coffee was less than $8.00.

In any case we figured that paying nearly $20.00 for breakfast was too much, even though that cost included the tip.

We have paid much more than that before but now we are trying to watch our expenses a little more carefully.

We went from breakfast to the clinic where Marilyn had a test done. Now we have a consultation with the doctor on Thursday morning.

Back at the Campground, Jeff met us as we walked from the Van to the RV. He asked if I could help out by leading a tour of Mark Twain Cave right away.


Ten minutes later, I was escorting a group of second & third grade kids into the theater.

The same group of kids, with the teachers and chaperones toured both caves, and I was the guide each time.

With the second tour done, I had about 15 minutes to eat a sandwich and then led another tour of Mark Twain Cave.

Gretchen dropped by and asked if I could help out tomorrow, earlier than planned.


As Marilyn & I sat in the RV, relaxing, we saw the implement company truck drive in, bringing the ZTR mower back from the shop. That was a signal for me that I might be able to mow the lawn beside our RV.

I ask Jeff and Chuck and they said to go ahead, so I grabbed the mower and made things around the RV look nice.

Later, Marilyn & I sat on the patio enjoying a glass of wine, before going back inside to have a dinner of leftovers.

Now we plan to settle down for the evening to watch “Dancing with the Stars” and have a great night of sleep.

Life is good and we are enjoying our time back in Hannibal.

I have some pictures from the last few days, to post for you.

Now we look forward to tomorrow and whatever adventures that day has in store…..

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