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Our three rigs parked at the Walmart in La Junta, CO for...

Miles Today: 337 Day: 8

Total Miles: 1038

We had a bad storm come through Hutchinson, KS at about 3:30am this morning. A lot of rain, thunder, and wind. While in Kansas, I worry a little more about storms, but it ended about day light without any problems. We all lost some sleep over it though.

They had a “Hitch-Up” breakfast this morning so that everyone could tell their new and old friends good-bye. About 9am, Don & Alice Faye, Bill & Cheryl, and Bonita and I left Hutchinson, KS with our caravan headed west. It was very windy driving all day through the mostly flat prairie of Kansas. Not much to see or stop and look at. We made it as far as La Junta, CO where we stopped for the night at a Wal-mart Supercenter. Not many RV parks to pick from around here. There is one next door to Walmart, a KOA, but they are expensive for just an overnight stay. My satellite dome is still messed up, so I cranked up the antennae and got a few local channels. Yuck, I want my Direct TV.

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