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Drive to Potosi

Martin, Paula and Luce on the roof

Llama on the road

Drive to Potosi

We arrived in Potosi fairly late. Potosi was once the most important town in the world due to the silver mine. At one point it had a population bigger than London. Now, it is fairly poor but is a world heritage site due to all the old colonial buildings that still exist. People still work in the mines and a few of the group went down. I bailed out on this as the thought of crawling through a person sized tunnel did not appeal! The miners work ridiculously long hours for very little, they drink 96% alcohol and chew coca leaves all day so they are permenantly out of it! I think you have to be....! Anyway, the guys that did the trip really enjoyed it. I went to the mint museum. Until the 1950s all Bolivias coins were minted in Potosi so the museum is all about that. Fairly interesting afternoon ! There was a massive thunderstorm in the afternoon and the electricity got cut off so spent some time in a cafe drinking coffee. Oh how tough life is these days!! That evening me, Luce, Paula, Bill and Anita found a great chinese restaurant and we had an amazing dinner! The best chinese I have had for years . Who'd of thought you'd find it in the middle of Bolivia!! After that, had an early night at the veritably freezing hotel Jerusalem. The previous night we had a group meal which eneded in Karaoke at some dodgy club and me and Ian ended up hanging out with some locals in the street sounds dodgy I know !!! Getting to try to speak spanish at last i guess!

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