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Whats the difference between living in a fan oven and living in Lake Havasu City? The answer is:- not much !

When we left Williams at around 11 am the temperature was a comfy 22 degrees C / 72 F. Bearing in mind that overnight it dropped to 5 degrees C / 42 F, we had to turn on the heater in the morning until the sun kicked in properly. Its only 200 miles distance but as we dropped down from the high desert plateau we watched as the thermometer climbed steadily. As we approached the campground it topped out at a scorching 42 degrees C / 105 F! The race was on to get set up, plugged in and the aircon on! After sunset the overnight low was 25 C / 77 F so it was aircon all night?

Lake Havasu was formed after the Colorado River was dammed and Lake Havasu City was founded in 1964. It was a resort town giving the baked residents of Arizona some respite and water based recreation. In 1968 the towns founder had the bright idea of buying London Bridge and rebuilding it here. The popular rumour is that this guy thought he was buying Tower Bridge instead of this quite ordinary example. There was no river as such so they had to dig a channel from the lake to give the bridge something to span. Even now you can still see the numbers and letters used to identify each block of the bridge. Now that is some jigsaw!

We were here on this baking weekend and we reckoned that about 75% of the population owns some sort of boat. Jet ski’s, speed boats, pontoon boats, house boats, cruisers. Just about every driveway has a boat on a trailer. And they all seem to parade through the narrow channel from the lake to pass under the bridge.

We took a stroll around the lakeside park and spent some tme watching a local 'little league' baseball game. Took me back to my time coaching the under 14's football. It was a different game with the same characters. Vocal parents, anxious coaches and kids trying to be great players.

We are headed out of here tomorrow to continue our journey and hopefully escape this oppressive heat. The Pacific Ocean beckons…

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