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This Stadium is right downtown

Civic Center Park




Colorful Entertainment


The State Capitol

Across the Park from the Capitol

What a cutie



More entertainment

Interesting don't you think?

I love it. Someone refused to sell out

First view of 16th Street Mall

Photo Shoot going on

Cute gal

Denver's World Trade Center

Lunch spot of the day



Neat places on the mall




Cleaver gimick

Gotta gp back to this one


Happy Mothers Day to all you moms and surrogate moms out there. Why is it that on this day all we can think of is the wonderful things are kid have done? I know that at sometime they must have done things that I didn’t like but I can’t remember a one right now although I remember in vivid detail the day they were born and first placed in my arms. I don’t think there can ever be a moment to match that. I am one of the lucky ones that gave birth to three of my own and added five more through marriage. I hope you all have as good of memories as I do.. A special Happy Day to Alissa on her first Mothers Day. Alissa is Mom to Xavier, my great-grandson that was born Jan 2nd this year. Can’t wait until we get to Montana to meet him.

Yesterday we took our first trip Downtown Denver. The Official Visitors Guide says that The Cinco de Mayo Festival that runs this weekend at the Civic Center Park is the largest in the Nation. I’m not sure about that but it was huge, and a whole lot of fun. They had entertainment going on all day, food stands everywhere and people were selling just about anything you could want. They had Chile Cook-offs and samples were given out everywhere.

We walked around for several hours and then decided to walk a few blocks over to the famous 16th Street Mall. This mall is a mile long with shops and restaurants on both sides of the street. It is a great place to people watch. They have free electric busses that come by about every 45 seconds where you can hop on or off anywhere in this mile.

The first place we stopped was at an Irish Pub where we could sit outdoors and have a quiet lunch. By this time it was very late and almost dinner time. We waited and waited to get served and finally had a waiter come to us after we went inside to see what was the matter. We had already asked before we found our table if we had to be seated or help ourselves and were told to just take a spot wherever we wanted.

While we waited, we were entertained with a photo shoot that was going on. I never did find out who they were shooting for but it was fun to watch.

The food when we finally got it was very good but the service was just awful… We waited at least five minutes after getting our salad to get silverware and never did get salt, pepper etc. When we finished, we waited forever to get our check finally going inside to find our waiter. Needless to say, he sure didn’t get a 20% tip.

We walked for several more blocks on 16th Street but the only purchase we made was at Barnes and Noble for a book on Colorado.

One very scary thing that happened after leaving the Festival was when I discovered that my purse was missing. Oh what an awful sinking feeling. We went back to the celebration and tried to reconstruct where I might have left it and the only place I could think of was a booth where I bought a new purse and set my packages down to look at the new one. We finally found the booth and although the merchants remembered me buying the new purse they didn’t find my old one. What to do??? Finally I remembered that we stopped at a health booth and each of us had our blood pressure taken. We set out to find that booth and when we found it low and behold, they had my purse put away behind the curtain. I was so relieved. There were at least ten people working in the booth and they all were happy that they could help me. Of course the reason they were there was to try to sell BCBS of Colorado Insurance. I was happy to tell them that we already have BCBS of South Dakota and got a big smile from them all. Nothing in my purse had been touched and when I tried to offer them something they just told me to go enjoy the day… I did just that.

Back to Downtown….. Next we walked to the Convention Center so I could get a picture of the 45 ft bear outside peeking in the window of the center.. Cute idea. We continued our walk past the Performing Arts Center and made our way back to where we had parked the truck.

A stop on our way home at Target and a car wash to get our dirty truck cleaned and we were home by about 6:00 PM. It was a real fun day and we look forward to going back downtown several more times during our stay here. There is so much to see and do……… Later

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