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We moved out to camp on April 23rd and after just a few days we couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

It has now been 2 weeks and still, though we have the highway noise, the trains coming all night long, the fishermen across the creek, we are now settled into a peace that passes all understanding. The freedom from the stuff that bound us, the stuff that controlled the time for cleaning and clearing, just stuff.

We arrived home on the 19th and started packing on the 20th. We had cleared out most, but it was time to divide and conquer. It was the worst week ever for Steve and I personally. In five years, we have never had a turse word towards one another, this was a week of tired, vacation weary, bone tired, yuk!

After we moved the trailer to camp, we took off about 3 days. We went back on Mondays and packed the rest. We have one final Monday left to clean, we are then out of our apt. for the next 5 mo. It will be a sad day when we must return.

Our camp is just 14 miles from work, a night drive for me is a prayer drive for several reasons. I don't see real well at night, I see ok but not like my old eyes did when they were in their younger days. So, I pray all the way in and all the way home to camp.

Our trailer is 8 x 30 ft. It has 7 ft. ceilings, 4 skylights and windows on every side. It is comfortable and it is home. We made a trip to Grand Island on Friday and found a Landmark by Heartland. It is a beautiful trailer with great insulation and a floor plan we liked. As beautiful and wonderful that trailer is, we will be saving for a long long time to buy this beomouth! It will take us a while to save but it will be so worth it!

It's been a rough week for the spiritual realm, today is the first day I felt like the warrior I know God has made me to be. Today, I could finally breathe. I have been chewing on things said, mulling them over, taking each bit as either a learning tool or disgarding it. I feel like I have completed that task and have a better outlook at what I need to accomplish. Pressing on to the goal, beating my arms in the air and sucking some wind but finishing with a wonderful peace.

As for Steve, the peace over him is incredible! He can't imagine ever being any where but out in the trailer and the green space and his favorite chair with a glass of tea nearby. We have a tv but we don't watch much of it. We have an awesome stereo sound and have been listening to New Life Church praise music. It speaks to the soul for us. We have also been reading a lot. Steve has finished two books in just a few days, as for me, well studying is the choice of books and they are a bit meaty so I read a lot and have started on the 6 page paper for this class. I got an A on my last class! Yahoo, I am off to a great start for the 2nd year.

Until next time, may the peace of God stir your heart until it is peaceful. Know that God loves you so much, He sent His son for you!

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