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I have been pondering again!

I know that I sometimes get in trouble when I do that, but I have had my parents on my mind lately, and that led me to think about some of the things they talked about when they were full-time RVers.

They only lived this lifestyle for five years, spending one winter in Texas, one in Florida, and three in Arizona, where Dad work-camped at the resort they lived in.

I wish now that I knew which resorts they stayed in, so that we could visit those resorts.

Mom used to talk so fondly of the friends with whom they shared the RV lifestyle. I sometimes wish that Marilyn & I had known more of these people. I remember meeting one RV couple at the home of my parents. They were a couple Mom & Dad had met along the way, and they had become friends. At the time, these folks had stopped by my parent's home, in their motorhome, just to exchange hugs with my parents, and to bring each other up to date on their lives.

I often wish I had listened more to the wisdom of my parents. They tried to share with us, their excitement and joy of being RVers, but Marilyn & I had other priorities and only listened half heartedly. We were raising a family, trying to make our lives better, and simply more interested in our own situation.

I know that my parents would be so happy for us, to see us living this lifestyle, and that we now could sit together for hours talking about our mutual experiences, the places we have been and the things we have seen and done.

I guess that conversation must wait until we get together again in Heaven.

I sure hope I am not assuming too much there! LOL

Our family was so close when I was growing up. We regularly had aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, parents and grandparents, all together. The house was absolutely filled with laughter, love and the joy of just being together.

As we grew older and began to have families of our own, we watched with sadness as the family changed. Loved family members died and younger ones moved away as they married and found jobs in far away places. Separation from loved family members became a norm. While my grandparents were still alive, the family had regular reunions and the family was able to maintain that bond for some time, even after my grandparents passed away.

Time gradually changed things however, and once my grandparents were gone, the family members slowly stopped driving long distances to spend a day together each year. There were fewer people at each reunion and now they no longer have a reunion at all.

It is a sad reality that family does drift apart, and the bonds are not as strong as they once were. The love for family remains, but the needs of immediate family replace the larger, pre-planned reunions.

Most families go through this metamorphous and it is not uncommon to find family members who don’t see one another or even speak to one another for some time.

Of course, every family has some people who are not close to others. Family squabbles, petty jealousies, sibling rivalry, and many other things contribute to that, but it is sad, when our time on this earth is so short, that people allow these things to have such a profound effect on their lives.

I called my aunt and uncle the other day, and it was so nice to talk to them again. My aunt Betty has such a unique and humorous way of looking at things. She kept me laughing through much of our conversation, and when she and Marilyn get together, it is just a riot to listen to them!

We hope to get together soon to go out and eat catfish together.

We love those good people and look forward to spending some time together while we are here.

We will also be spending some time with some of my cousins, and that promises to be fun.

I’ll let you all in on it as those events happen, so stay tuned, because we just never know what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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