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Today was a really cold day the wind was blowing like crazy and it was raining off and on. If it wasn't for this wind the weather would be really nice. Due to the weather this morning we sleep in a bit and then just got up and did some laundry and housework. It's funny how this stuff still needs to be done.

We went out later in the day to the Rushmore Mall and I was able to find a dress and shoes for Gary's wedding. We wandered around the mall for awhile but it's no different than any other mall. The weather started to clear up so we decided to take the President's walk in the old part of downtown. They have on each street corner one of the President's in bronze posing in various positions. That area of town also has some old historical buildings. We went into a fantastic antique store that had a Bible from the 1800's if we had enough room we definately would of bought it. The history behind the Bible was very interesting. We stopped and had lunch at an Irish Pub really good food and the service was great.

The weather started to rain again so we decided to go to The Journey Museum. It was really interesting. The museum was dedicated officially on May 18, 1997. It houses three permanent collectionsand exhibits artifacts of two others. When you go in you watch a 14 minute film giving you a spectacular overview of all the exhibits you will be seeing. You also learn a bit about the region and beautiful scenery of the Black Hills.

You then enter the Star Room which provides you an image of what our universe might have looked like in an odyssey reflecting s back before recorded time- from the very beginning of creation to the days of our ancestors upon these lands. The next room is Geology-Paleontology room. Rich fosil beds have been found in the Black Hills and neighboring semi-arid regions. The South Dakota Schol of Mines and Technology in Rapid City have collected and curated these finds.

The Archaeology room has artifacts from early civilization on the Northern Great Plains that have been relatively unknown to scientists. The South Dakota Archeology Research Center operate a full-time laboratory at the museum.

The most interesting room to us was the Sioux Indian Musuem. While walking thru you see the history of before the Sioux, or lakota, inhabited what is now Western South Dakota and parts of Nebraska and Wyoming, other tribes occupied the lands. Sioux warriors plunged westward in the third quarter of the 1700's and began to migrate following the buffalo herds, upon whcih their lifestyle became centered.

Minnilusa Pioner Museum is the history of how gold brought the first pioneers to the Black Hills. Then you walk thru what is called Story Walls which give you glimpes of many stories within stories that tell the history of the Black Hills.

We spent at least 2 hours there but you could spend more. They have at various times demonstrations going on and talks.

It was getting later in the day when we got out so we just headed home and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow the weather is suppose to be nice so we are going to go for a hike up into the hills.

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