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The Park Visitors Center

What a view

See why it's called Red Rock?


A tribute to the CCC workers that built this beautiful place 70...


Looking down at the Stage

Joggers run back and forth on each tier

Downtown Denver way out there

Our lunchspot of the day

We decided against this one

What a view

The Amphitheatre Visitors Center

Some of the thousands of artists that have played here

Easter Services since 1947

Another view of our lunch spot of the day

One more of the bleachers and stage


This Coors truck had to back down the mountain to make his...

You have to go thru this tunnel to get up or down...

How can we be so lucky as to visit both on the same day…… Well, I’ll tell you… We planned it….. The drive in yesterday took us around the West side of I-70 and we passed the Red Rock Park and Amphitheatre. I had been reading up on the area and knew that it was a must on our places to see. The fact that it was only a short six miles or so from us was a real plus since we didn’t want to do a heck of a lot today. What a great choice.

Denver is a City of Parks. You can’t go very far without coming to a park or a trail. They really do a great job. You can be right in the middle of the city an feel like you are miles away from everything. Red Rock Park has to be on the top of the list for biking, hiking, or just plain scenery….. We had no idea what to expect so we followed the route to the Colorado Visitors Center…. What a pleasent surprise. We by passed the Trading Post and went right to the Visitors Center, which is in the same building, where we picked up enough maps and brochures to last at least two months in the area. We did go back to the Trading Post to see what they had and wound up getting coffee and taking it outside where we could drink and ogle the area.

The hiking trail to the amphitheatre looked like a fun hike but by now we were above 6500 ft and it was all uphill….. Not for me or even Bill this time….. We drove to the top to find a most beautiful area. I can only imagine what it would be like to come to a concert here. People have been doing just that since the early 1940’s…..

For those of you that are too young to know about the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp) that was started by President F.D. Roosevelt near the end of the depreciation, it was a program that put our young and healthy men to work for very low wages and most of it had to be sent home to Mama….. This proved to be one of the most fantastic things a President could have done. It put pride back into America as only our young people could do…. For this project the men were paid $25.00 a month and they were allowed to keep $5.00 of it…. The rest was sent home. This was just one of several projects going on across America and we are all reaping the rewards from that work…. So much of America’s Parks and Landmarks got there start because of the CCC….. I can remember my own Father telling me about this project and what a good thing it was for America.

After driving to the Amphitheatre’s Visitors Center and looking down at the most beautiful stage we have ever seen we headed for the restaurant for a bite to eat. We chose outdoor seating since the weather was so beautiful but it was still windy…… The food we ordered was the best we have eaten in ages. We opted for soup and ½ sandwich that we are still raving about. The soup was a cup of potato, corn, and many wonderful spices and the sandwich was their special turkey club.. ,, It was awesome. There was some great turkey, tomato, many kinds of green and even some sliced apple. Wow, talk about good.

We were lucky enough to have a guy come up to us and ask if we wanted our picture taken. You bet we did. After eating. we went through the museum to read about all the people that have preformed there. It was so impressive to see. As good as they all were my favorites were the first US Tour of the Beattles and Willie Nelson. Willie has performed here 23 times. It is a perfect setting for him…..

When we were reading each performance since the 1940’s we noticed that the first one of every year is the Sunrise Easter Service. Wow that must be spectacular…….

We finally had to leave but we plugged Costco into our GPS and found one just a couple of miles from our house… Yippee. I have been waiting to fill my freezer until we finally found a Costco. The closest one to us in Florida is Orlando and I refuse to go 85 miles for groceries…….

Two hours and a lot of $ later, we came home and have been resting the rest of the evening…. Just what we needed to start feeling better.. Later………….

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