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We came through a town called Castle Rock. So you think this...

We left our wonderful campsite at Cheyenne State Park around 10:00 yesterday morning and drove to Denver. The short trip had us driving through the outskirts of Colorado Springs and almost immediately we were in the outskirts of Denver. We took the 470 bypass around the city on the west and soon were at our new campground in the town of Wheat Ridge. This park is right in the city and is almost all seasonal’s (year round) staying here. The sites are very close but the spot we are in is way in the back and we have trees and a small lake in our rear window. It sure is different than our last yard but just what we need for our stay in the Denver area. We have traveled in Colorado several times and just love the State but it has been years since we stopped in Denver. The middle of a city is not the usual place for us to stay, but the reason we are here is to get our washer fixed and we hear that there are several techs in the area. The new parts were shipped and we are waiting for them to arrive so we can schedule and appointment. We have up to 13 days that we can stay at this park so we should be able to get-er-done. I don’t think that we will have any problems staying here that long. There are tons of things to do in Denver that we never had the time for before so we are excited. We are both still not over our bad colds and know that we pushed ourselves doing as much as we did in Colorado Springs when we should have been resting and maybe now we can take it a little slower.We didn’t do much yesterday after getting all set up except to check out the area and stop at Camping World for some new hoses. All of a sudden, all of our hoses seemed to be leaking. Well four years is long enough for any hose so we went for some new ones. The Camping World is less than a mile from us and very low on their sewer connections so we didn’t get all we wanted but at least we got a start.Today we will venture out near us to see some of the sights but will stick close by and not do a heck of a lot. Maybe we can kick this bug soon. The weather is perfect. Sunny and in the 70’s. Doesn’t get much better than that in my book.We already feel the advantages of the lower altitude. Denver is at 5,280 ft. Most of the last few weeks we have been at 7 to 8,000 feet. Course we will be driving up the mountains so this won’t last long but I am already breathing easier and slept like a log last night. Later…………….

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