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Colby helping grandpa sweep the aptio


Are we done, Papa?

Hey, something new

We have an oriole on our hummingbird feeder

One more

Marilyn & I slept in until nearly 7:00 AM this morning. When we did get up, the birds were singing and the sunshine promised a beautiful day. I went outdoors to set up our lawn chairs while Marilyn made a fresh pot of coffee.

We sat on the patio, in the quiet peacefulness of the early morning, with only the sound of the birds and the babbling stream to break the stillness. It was a rare morning treat for us as we drank the hot coffee and talked quietly about our plans for the day.

Marilyn had an appointment for a haircut while I was scheduled to lead a tour of Cameron Cave.

Both of those events went off without a hitch and Marilyn returned with an apple wood smoked chicken for lunch. Man, that was good!

While I was helping out at the cave, Marilyn left again with Jennifer, to go to the doctor’s office for one of Colby’s regular checkups.

The gals then took Colby and went shopping, although they didn’t purchase much.

I returned to the RV and took the Van to go shopping for some groceries and to purchase a Wii fit system.

When I made it back home, I put the groceries away and set up the Wii.

I felt pretty good about my Wii age, which was 38, but I must have lucked out because it also told me that I was in pretty good shape, but about 26 pounds too heavy. Well, OK! We set a goal to get my weight down to 170 which may not be realistic. We’ll work at it for awhile and see how it goes.

It began to sprinkle rain just before the gals came back, so I put things away outdoors and stored the lawn chairs under the front of the 5th wheel.

Of course the rain stopped right after I put everything away.

We sat outdoors on the patio, playing with Colby. The gals then took him for a walk.

Jeff came out from the gift shop, heading home for the day, and showed me a schedule for tomorrows tours. They have about 550 people scheduled not counting the “walk-ins”.

That means that I should help out tomorrow even though they have not scheduled me or asked me to guide any tours.

I have been wrestling with a decision and have finally made up my mind. I may write about that subject tomorrow.

For now, this day is drawing to a close and we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what adventures that day has in store…..

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