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Travelled by car to cochester, what a night mare cars going around 150kms an hour on the m5...made really mad.....made it safely to marcies,at around 6o'clock and had speghetti for tea... fell asleep at 8pm and just died woke up at seven the next morning and went into colchester.. there we saw a Roman keep the oldest in England..a very old town... strolled around all mornig then came home to pick marcies kids up from school...that night marcies her husband sean and father inlaw bob drove us arond the english side up to lavenham very very very very old town the building are the old tutor style and leanig on a 45 degree angle almost falling over some where built over 500 years ago trully amazing. then to a pub good night Deb loved it she was drinking forsters not very adventerous is she....crashed around 9pm and now today off to the beach if you could call it that..we are both loving staying at marcies and she has made us feel very to you all mandy

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