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Colby & Grandpa go for a walk

He did talk me into a ridein the golf cart

Colby explains something to his grandma

"Grandpa, I want this one!"


Jen & Colby








As full-time Rvers, one of the problems with being “home” is that you are in one location and not sight-seeing. That means that many days, or possibly on most days, you have little to write about.

I sometimes struggle to find a subject to write about, other than Colby, when we are here.

Marilyn & I are spending much of our time getting re-acquainted with our grandson, Colby. It is fun and we have a good time with him. We see something new every day. Marilyn decided to feed him some lima beans today, putting five or six of them in his dish with the other food he likes.

He put one of those lima beans in his mouth and began chewing it. Suddenly he put his fingers in his mouth and pulled that lima bean out. Putting it down on his place mat, he made a face and growled, saying “Caca”! That cracked us up. Don’t worry, he will not have to eat lima beans!

Also, today Marilyn & I had his shirt on backwards and when Jennifer said, “Come here Colby and let me turn your shirt around”, Colby began spinning himself in a circle until he got dizzy. We laughed out loud! He is so funny sometimes.

Jennifer got off work early today and by 6:00 PM we were following her to Palmyra, MO, where they had a display of trucks, tractors, busses, ambulances, police cars, and several fire trucks with lights flashing. Colby loved it!

We were delighted to see him having such a good time.

Marilyn took quite a few pictures and we’ll share some of the good ones with you.

Once we tired of walking around looking at all the vehicles, we drove to a “Wendy’s“, but a school bus had just unloaded a baseball team so we changed our minds and drove to a “Subway” for a sandwich.

After a “fast food” dinner, Marilyn & I drove back to Hannibal, while Jennifer, with Colby strapped in his car seat, headed west toward home.

I did give a tour of Mark Twain Cave today, to a large group of school kids. They were great, asking good questions and listening to me when I explained something, or told part of a story.

I have a tour of Cameron Cave scheduled for tomorrow morning.

In any case, we are looking forward to whatever adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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