Symes Family Touring Australia 2009 travel blog

Christine playing Nintendo with her cousin Ally keenly watching her

Melissa and Ally reading a book

Dida and Baba with the grandkids

Ally wanting to come with us

Barbecue dinner with the Whites

Most of the time spent in Perth was relaxing as we were exhausted from all the events leading to and up to New Years. It was great to spend time with all the family, Milos's and Symes's. We spent time getting our cats adjusted to living at Pops and Priscillas. Both Priscilla and Pop are lovely, patient people.

Leaving was the hardest to do, as we all grew attached to each other but it had to be done. So, we marked this day as the day we must begin our journey, otherwise we would never leave. We said our goodbyes to Mum, Dad and Ally which was heartbreaking to us all, especially the girls. Going to Collie to spend time with the Whites added some excitement to a sad farewell. The caravan was packed, minus the extra luggage, goodbyes were said and we headed to Pop and Priscillas to say goodbye to them and our cats.

Thankyou to my wonderful family for their time, patience and love.

The cats were much more relaxed now but it didn't make it easier to leave. It would of been nice to spend more time with Pop and Priscilla and the cats.

Thankyou to them both for saving our cats and for loving us.

Once all formalities were done we headed towards Collie. Once there we headed out to Stockton dam where the Whites were camped and skiing. It was great to see them and the water looked so beautiful. We set up the caravan, had a swim and Mike and the girls had a ride in the boat. Once the boat was parked up, a fire was lit, had a barbecue dinner, enjoyed the moonlight on the water and headed to bed.

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