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Colby likes this seat






Look at that grin


Marilyn & I were up and having our morning coffee shortly after 5:00 AM this morning. We finished our coffee in time to drive to the hospital where we met Jennifer and Colby in the parking lot.

Marilyn & I brought Colby back to the RV with us, for the day. Colby had his breakfast with Mimi and Papa.

He then got a change of diaper and was ready to go.

We went for a long walk and he really enjoyed that. He is so curious and so smart! He has a wonderful time exploring the sights, like the creek, which we don’t let him go near. He likes the sound of the rushing water and says “Wa Wa” as he points at it.

We have made an effort today, to take more pictures and will share some of them with you readers.

I was asked to help out with tours today, and headed to the gift shop area when we saw several busses drive in, loaded with school kids.

I had a group of nine people from New Hampshire, California and Wichita, KS. We had a good time and they even got to see a bat in the cave.

After the last tour I returned to the RV to watch Colby play with his tricycle. He takes a set of keys and pretends to start the thing by saying “Vroom, Vroom” as he tries to push the key into a hole in the handle bar. We have been teaching him to say “Beep, Beep” also.

He is a riot!

Marilyn fixed one of Jennifer’s favorites for dinner tonight. When Jen gets off work, she will drive out here for a shower and a change of clothing, then join us for dinner before going home.

I cancelled our DISH service today, simply because we don’t need it. We have cable TV at most of the places we stay, and it is a bit of a hassle to haul the antenna around in the back of the truck and set it up in a different place so often.

I will have to return the receiver, remote controls, and the LNB in boxes they will send to me.

I also ordered a GPS for the truck today. We ordered a NUVI 255W and I am hopeful that we will find it useful in our travels. I may be calling for help, Jerry! LOL

I wrote to Ponch, a friend from Springfield, IL, to ask about mounting a TV in the basement storage area like he did. We plan to use the old TV from the bedroom with a Wii system, especially the Wii Fit, for exercise.

We are gradually getting things set up the way we want them, in the RV.

We still have the chore of sorting through our clothing and getting rid of the clothes we don’t wear. This lifestyle is so easy and casual that we tend to wear the same type of clothing most of the time. Blue jeans, walking shoes, and short sleeved shirts, or shorts and sandals, seem to be the order of the day. We joke about “going formal” by tucking in our shirt. LOL

Of course, we need a few more clothes than that but we carry around a lot of clothing that we have not worn since becoming full-time RVers.

I thought today that I would like to wash and wax the Van, if we get a nice day to do it. The truck and the RV could use a nice coat of wax, too! I know when we get to Colorado, that our friends, Jim & Linda, will be a good example for us, as Jim cleans his truck daily.

So, I will end the writing, get it posted and add some pictures for you.

This has been another fine day with Colby. We have had a lot of fun together. Before I end, I must say that when Colby climbs up on my lap and lays his head on my shoulder, pats me with his little hand and says “Papa”, it has to be close to heaven. What a warm, wonderful feeling for me.

So, I’ll end on that note. Tomorrow is another day with Colby and I can hardly wait to see what new thrills that will bring.

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