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Windmill Farm

Windmill Farm 2

Today we traveled through most of the state of Kansas. We drove throught the Flint Hills, past Fr. Riley Army base and Junction City. We had to stop early as I had some work to do. We have a reference book called "The Best 100 Campgrounds in the USA", so we decided to veer away from the traditional KOA campgrounds and try something else. They even promoted their storm shelter. How great is that? We arrived at the Triple J RV Park in Russel, KS around 1:00pm. The office was closed, but there was a very polite couple sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck, smoking a cigarette. The lady told us the owner was on an errand and we should go ahead and pick out our campsite and settle up with the paperwork later. The book had told us of the best campsites in the park, so we set off in search of those. We knew we were in trouble when we saw a car upon cinder blocks and trailers that had not been moved in years. The storm shelter was an old garage and I am betting we could have found some patients for John's drug clinic. We drove through the park and decided to move on up the road. Before we got out of the gate we were stopped by a man who offered assistance in setting up our camp. I didn't get a good look, as John was driving but I don't think he had all of his teeth. Glad we got out of there! We got back on Rt. 70 where we passed more oil rigs, and hundreds of huge windmills. They seemed to have gone on for miles. We finally stopped in a town called Wakeeney, KS where it is extremely windy.

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