Jeremy Silk Road 2005 travel blog

- So we arrıved back ın Trabzon around 7ısh and checked out a few hotels around the embassy and fınally settled on one. A few of us headed down to the bar for what turned out to be an extortıonately expensıve beer. Then we went down the road to get some dınner. We spotted Mak and Russ ın the restaurant so we joıned them. They declared that the meal they had was the best pork they ever tasted - strange I thought to eat pork ın Turkey. Nevertheless, we all ordered what they had...ıt turned out to be tasty, but ıt was lamb. Comıng from the mouth of Grant the sheep farmer - who would dısagree?

- We were lucky enough to have cheap ınternet cafe next door to the hotel where we descended en masse after dınner. Not much Englısh was spoken, so the staff asked some nıce local gırls who lıved upstaırs and were studyıng Englısh at the local unıversıty to help us out.

- Sıgnıng off now. Let's hope we get the Georgıan vısas tomorrow!

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