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Restored Jurmala Hotel & Restaurant

Restored Jurmala Restaurant

The Baltic Beach at Majori, Jurmala

Haunted Beach House just waiting for restoration

Classic Art Nouveau "Cottage"

Modern houses in Jurmala

Art Nouveau Playhouse on Jurmula dunes

Road just off the beach, Jurmala

Bath House on the Beach

Over thirty kilometers of sand that would make Daytona blush

Some nice modern apartments as well

Nice Mercedes, nice beach house

And - the famous Majori Turtle

Another turtle shot with a great Beach Pavilion in background

Classic Cottage!

Great turret and woodwork on this one

This one could use a bit of TLC, but it's beachfront

The Majori Hotel is just completing major renovations and opens again soon

Another "opportunity" - just imagine a cozy little turret hideaway

Nice modern cottage - and you can x-country ski on the beach...

Nice modern design with Art Nouveau elements

A pleasant lane in Jurmala, Latvia

Hi -

I'm not going to add a lot of commentary here except to say it was a great day at the beach.

Jurmala as a resort dates back to the early 1800's when Russian soldiers came to recuperate after the war with Napoleon.

The photos show some great houses - some old, some new, some restored, some just waiting for someone like you to come and restore it. Jurmala is a delightful beach town and is being restored rather nicely.

While you're working on your new beachside mansion I suggest you head for one of Jurmala's many spas for a day of Rest and Relaxation. I counted seventy-eight different treatments available.

No offense, but most of you could use the Psychotherapy or Analysis. Others would surely opt for the Purification and Detoxification Therapy. Medical consultations as well as round the clock medical monitoring is available for those of you who need it.

But there are other alternatives, such as the Electrotherapy; the Infrared Sauna; Magnetic Therapy; Cryosauna (I assume you're frozen to death in the Sauna with this one); amber massage; wrapping (chocolate and fruits!); massage with devices!; or the rather painful sounding Lympho-Draining Massage.

For the more timid you can also sign up for Mineral Water Drinking.

Always thinking of your needs,

The Geezer

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