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Today it is rainy and grey and although it feels cold, the temp gauge reads 70 degrees. We decided to go explore and headed north up the coast to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. We kind of wanted to see what the RV park there looked like to see how bad of a mistake we made by staying in Fenwick Island.


Rehoboth Beach is very pretty and quaint and has the kind of beachy feel that Carmel, California, has. The homes along the water are spectacular and all of the businesses have the look of prosperity. There are a few t-shirt stores but there is none of the tackiness of Ocean City here.


We stopped at a local place for breakfast that was surrounded by cars. We figured the food must be good and we were right. It was perfect. We talked with a couple next to us from Pennsylvania who were in Rehoboth Beach to play golf. Unfortunately, it looked like they would be out of luck because the rain had not stopped all day.


As we were driving around Rehoboth Beach, we came across a pet store and since I have been needing a few things for the kids, we stopped and shopped. Both kids have been coughing with hair balls since the heat wave in Williamsburg, but especially Rocky with all of his long fur. So, I got some hair ball medicine. Then we just had to get some new toys and we also found a soft, cozy bed that will be perfect for the front window, where they both like to nap.


We decided to try to beat the rain back to Fenwick Island. We didn't feel like a walk on the beach in the rain either. The kids were very happy with their new toys and bed. It's really a shame that we don't spoil them a little more. We spent the rest of the day finishing up the last puzzle that we have. We are able to watch tv here but we both miss being able to work on the computer. We are both excited about traveling tomorrow to Washington, D.C. We have been planning and waiting on this for a long time.

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