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Last evening as we returned from our dinner with Steve & Cathy, we noticed that there was a wedding reception being held at the Theater Building here at the Mark Twain Cave Complex.

That meant one thing to us. Lot’s of noise and little sleep until the event is over.

Perhaps it is our age, but the volume that the young people play their music amazes me. When you can hear the bass from a quarter mile away, it is too loud in my opinion. We no longer attend places where the music level is so high as to prevent conversation with the other people at your table.

Oh, it was nice to be young though, and to be “bulletproof”.

The loud music ended around 11:30 PM and it would then have been a good night of sleep except that I felt nauseated.

Let me be diplomatic and say that there was very little sleeping at our place last night.

Marilyn felt sorry for me this morning and got out of bed first. She even made coffee! My journal entry yesterday must have rung a bell! I am only kidding because Marilyn is a sweetheart and she also didn’t get a good night of sleep.

I’ll bet that tomorrow we will be back to normal.

We had some chores to take care of today, but before I started, I returned a call to our friend, Dave, who is in Omaha, NE, undergoing a bone marrow transplant. His energy level is near zero and we humbly request your continued prayers for Dave and Judy.

Jennifer and Colby came in this afternoon so that Jen & I could go looking for mushrooms. We made a half-hearted search for awhile and gave up without seeing even one mushroom.

Marilyn, Jennifer and I took Colby for a long walk. He sure is fun!

When we returned from the walk, there was a gift for Colby on a chair on our patio. I had brought some vanilla for the fudge shop and Gretchen insisted on getting Colby something. A “Frog” shirt and a “Frog” bubble blowing toy. That was so nice of the staff at the Cave.

I did find time to jump on the mower and get some grass mowed around the facility here. With all the rain we have had, the grass is getting pretty high. Maybe I can help out some more tomorrow.

I enjoy mowing with the ZRT mower, even though it takes some “getting used to”.

I also found time to dump the holding tanks before Jen & Colby arrived.

I think that we will have some chicken noodle soup for dinner and some popcorn later, while watching “The Amazing Race”.

So, an enjoyable day fades slowly into a relaxing evening. Tomorrow may hold many new adventures but we’ll just have to wait until morning, to see what tomorrow has in store.

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