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Today we had a fun but busy day here in Hannibal. Marilyn & I began our day with each of us trying to talk the other into getting out of bed first, to turn some heat on. It was cool in the RV and some heat sure would feel good.

Guess which one of us ended up being the one to get out of bed and turn our little heater on! I love Hon, and would do anything for her, but would it hurt her to get out of bed and make it nice and warm for me to get up? And how about me waking to the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee for a change? Would that be too much to ask?

Ha! I am only kidding.

Actually, Marilyn did put the coffee on once she got up to our warm and cozy little cabin on wheels.

She even served a cup of hot coffee to me as I sat at the computer.

Once we began our day, Marilyn sorted clothing to do the laundry while I drove into town to get a haircut. The barbershop had two people ahead of me plus one in the chair, when I arrived, so it took awhile to get that part done, but I do like the way Cindy cuts my hair. Isn’t it funny, that us men rarely change our barber? I wonder how bad a haircut would have to be for us to change the place we get our haircut. Hmmm…

After my visit to the barber, I drove to the post office and mailed a book to my friend, Jerry, in Brackettville, Texas. The book is entitled “One Ranger Returns”, written by Joaquin Jackson, who autographed the book to Jerry, at my request. Thanks to people like Joaquin, Ted Gray, and J.R. Smith, we will forever have warm memories of our visit to Alpine, Texas.

While we were here in Hannibal last fall, we met the owners of Garth Mansion, a Bed & Breakfast here in Hannibal, and when they learned we were spending the winter in the Rio Grande Valley, they asked us to do them a favor and bring some vanilla back for them, which we were glad to do.

They have rewarded us with a private dinner for two on our anniversary, June 2nd.

They requested that we also have dinner at the mansion on one other night of our choice.

John & Julie are very nice people and we’ll be sure to give you a report on our meal.

I stopped at the “Mark Twain Diner” to order a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich, which are known to be special in this part of the country. I ordered it to go, along with an order of fresh onion rings. Yummy!!

I offered to share with Marilyn once I arrived back at the RV, but Marilyn has begun a diet and wanted no part of the fried delicacies.

One other surprise for me was that the power was off at the Campground. A tree had fallen on the power lines and knocked the power out. I wondered about people in the cave on a tour. They do have a backup generator for power and lights in the cave, but it takes about 20 seconds for the lights to come back on, once power is lost.

I saw Jeff and he asked me if I could possibly take a tour through Cameron Cave for him, while he worked to get power back on.

I agreed, even though I haven’t been in that cave since last fall.

We had a group of 60 people making three- 20 person groups, for a tour of Cameron Cave.

I took the second group and they were great! We had a fine time! These fine folks were from the Dyersburg, TN area and we had a nice visit as we walked the nature trail to and from the cave.

By the time I returned to the RV, I could see our Van at the laundry building, where Marilyn was doing laundry. She had her money in the slot and had just pushed it in when they lost power.

She came back within a few minutes after I returned, and I worked on the DISH system while Marilyn took her shower.

I headed to the bedroom for my own shower and then we were off to church tonight. At Mass we sat with one of Marilyn’s cousins. Karen sang the Ave Maria at Jennifer & Steve’s wedding. She has a beautiful voice. We also had several long time friends come up to us to exchange hugs or pat us on the back and whisper “welcome back” as they went by.

After Mass, we joined our friends, Steve & Cathy, for some good Mexican food and a margarita.

We need to call Dennis & Sonja and other friends here in this area, to let them know we are back, so we can pick up on our regular night out for dinner. We also have many family members to visit before we leave again.

So, I’ll end this journal entry for tonight, and wait for tomorrow to see what adventures that day has in store…..

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