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Marilyn & I both slept well last night and looked forward to having a day to get more things done.

I have a “to-do” list nearly filled, and we add to the list every day.

When we ordered our RV we chose not to have an LCD HD TV in the bedroom. It was a way to save a few dollars, but our thinking at the time was that we don’t watch much TV in bed, so the big expense should be for the 42” TV in the living room.

Now that I have put that into words, it still makes sense to me. However, the old non-digital TV in the bedroom is obsolete, or soon will be, so we’ve decided to replace it.

We had our list of “to-do” items and were ready to leave the campground and head to town. I thought I should stop in at the Cave Office to make sure they didn’t need me. Guess what! School trips and lots of them!

We ended up making a quick trip to Wal-Mart to fill the Van with gasoline, buy some groceries, look at the TV’s and make a stop at McDonalds for a snack on the way back to the RV.

I then dressed to give a tour and walked through the rain, to the gift shop, where they needed me immediately. I counted 25 young men from the Missouri Military Academy and had three other people join us on the tour.

I had another tour at 1:00 PM. This was a very large group of 36 people, mostly kids from the 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes. They were great young people and all went well.

I was thinking about our time with Colby yesterday. Isn’t it amazing how quickly these grandchildren can steal your heart! We just love this little guy to pieces!

There are several people in this world that I love so much that I would do anything for them.

Marilyn, Kelly, Jennifer and Colby!

I remember when Kelly died that I tried to bargain with God in a prayer, to please bring Kelly back and take me instead. Of course, that didn’t work, but it does make you aware that certain people are so dear to you that you would be willing to do anything for them. In a few days, it will be 19 years that our beloved Kelly has been gone, and we still think of her every day.

No doubt about it, the most difficult part of this full-timing life style, is leaving behind those folks we love so much.

It will be difficult to leave here when we head for Colorado. If we could make the world just the way we want it to be, we would have the kids nearby, no matter where we go.

We recognize how selfish that would be. I’m just writing of an ideal situation if we had the power to make it happen.

It would be nice to have the kids visit us, as an alternative.

We spend the winter in the Rio Grande Valley and love it when our friends have family come to visit. We have met family members of many of our friends, and wish they could meet our family too.

It sounds as if I am trying to put a guilt trip on the kids. That is not the case at all! They work and would have a difficult time getting time off to make a trip like that, let alone the expense.

We just miss them when we are far away. We absolutely love the lifestyle we live and the new places we visit, the friends we share the adventures with, and the wonderful weather we normally experience. We just think to ourselves quite often, “wouldn’t it be nice if the kids were here”.

All of you full-time Rvers out there know exactly what I am talking about.

Well, dear readers, this day is slowly fading into evening, and we have plans for tomorrow.

You, like us, will have to wait until tomorrow, to discover what adventures that day has in store…..

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