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Today was our last day to explore Tuscan "hill towns," so we had to go out with a bang! We started today in Volterra. The town was absolutely beautiful with it's narrow streets and interesting architecture. It is best known for it's alabaster, so of course I had to have something. The search began... I found so many beautiful sculptures that I would have loved to have brought home, however for two reasons, 1) the price and 2) there was no way to get it home safely, I passed them all up. I ended up purchasing a beautiful little display type of dish that I am not sure how I will use, but it is beautiful none the less.

Volterra Mailbox

Back on the road again to San Gimignano. With a population of only 7000, it was truly a quaint little town. We were anxious because all of the tour books, travellers and locals alike warned of the crowds. On arrival, we saw nothing more the the usual packs of bus tourists shuffling from one attraction to the next, always following the umbrella extended in the air.

Pleased with the turnout, we began with a gelato, much deserved on Chris's behalf.

We were then off to see one of the major palaces and the climb to the bell tower began. I did fine, but stairs are now a little painful for Chris after all of the walking and the crash landing in the balloon the other day. His right knee is killing him, so climbing 300+ steps takes a little while. Poor guy! The view from the top was absolutely breathtaking though, and worth the pain for Chris to get to the top.

Once we made it back down, we rewarded ourselves at a little cafe with two cappuccinos and some tasty bread. I guess we were done here... back to the car we went.

Our last town to visit for the day was Monteriggioni. This hill town is special because it is still entirely encapsulated by the original city wall. The town was precious, and tiny. I think it took us 2 minutes to see the whole town and was it filled with 5 restaurants. It was wonderful though, as it was dinner time and all the locals were out to eat, so we decided we should join the fun. We had a wonderful dinner and a great experience before heading back to Siena for our last night in the countryside.

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