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A terrible storm rolled through Hannibal last night. We received more than 2.6 inches of rain and flash flooding was fairly common across the area.

We awakened several times during the night with heavy rain pouring from the sky, onto the roof of our RV.

Finally we got out of bed to have some coffee before driving out to the hospital to meet Jennifer and pick up Colby. We arrived at the hospital before Jennifer did, but she called to let us know that the highway was covered with water and she had to detour around, which would make her a bit late.

When she arrived, we shared hugs all around and returned to the RV with Colby, as Jennifer went inside the hospital to begin her 12 hour shift.

Marilyn fixed breakfast for Colby and then we took him for a long stroller ride around the Cave complex.

I had been asked to help out with a tour, so I dressed in my “Cave guide” clothing, and walked over to the gift shop. Marilyn brought Colby over and he walked around in the gift shop. He soon discovered the barrel of stuffed toys, where he fell in love with a soft monkey. Grandpa is a soft touch and Colby soon owned that stuffed toy.

Marilyn took Colby back to the RV and I gave a tour to several nice folks from Michigan and 23 school folks from Springfield, MO.

We had a nice tour with everyone including me, having a good time.

When I returned to the RV, Marilyn said that Jennifer had called and asked us to come out to the hospital to visit with her during her lunch time.

We enjoyed that also and a long time friend, Susie Carson sat with us to talk for awhile.

Marilyn & I had backpacked the Grand Canyon with Susie and Bob, not only once but twice.

Back at the RV once again, my phone rang and it was Glenda, who used to run the campground here. She & Larry were so nice to us, and it was good to hear from them again. She laughed and told me that she & Larry, along with Susie (A different Susie) and Christy, were here in the campground visiting another friend. I walked back to see them, followed shortly by Marilyn pushing Colby in his stroller.

I had a couple of chores I planned to get done today, but tomorrow we have the day to ourselves and I’ll wait until then to finish the “to-do” list.

Jennifer plans to come out here when she gets off work tonight.

Our friend, Jeff, came by to show us a sack of fresh picked morel mushrooms. Several were really big! I hope that Jeff and I can go mushroom hunting on Saturday. Jennifer wants to go sometime so we’ll have to see if Saturday suits her.

Well, dear readers, Colby has had his bath and has eaten his dinner. Survivor will start in a few minutes, and we’ll settle down to watch that, as much as possible.

Today was a busy day and now we just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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