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Whether it was the stress of a travel day, the repairs on the RV, or the relaxation of finally being at our destination where we know we will not be moving for a couple of months, I felt more tired than normal last night.

I went to bed early, read for awhile and fell asleep before 9:00 PM.

I didn’t waken until 6:30 this morning. I felt a bit sore because I must have been lying in one position for a long time.

I put coffee on and the aroma of fresh coffee lured Marilyn out of bed.

After our coffee was finished, I wanted to get in the shower but decided to get some chores done first.

Jeff and the guys were here so I stalled a bit and visited with these friends before starting on getting the toilet fixed.

They had worked on it at Liberty RV, installing a new sprayer, and they didn’t get the two-piece toilet straight or the two parts lined up properly. Therefore we had a huge leak. I was so worn out last night that I simply turned the water for the toilet off at the water manifold.

Once I began that job this morning, it turned out to be fairly straight forward, and I was soon done. The leak test proved that I had done a good job.

I also set up the DISH antenna and will complete the job of getting our DISH service restored tomorrow, with any luck at all.

I then cleaned out much of the basement, delivered some vanilla and set up chairs, tables, etc on the patio.

Time for a shower!

All squeaky clean, with clean clothing on, I walked over to the gift shop and joined a tour of Mark Twain cave. I turned all of the light switches on and off, with a minimum of fuss, and feel comfortable with leading a tour group tomorrow.

They have several hundred school kids coming through the cave tomorrow, so I will be helping out.

Marilyn stayed busy today also. She did the laundry and totally cleaned the RV inside. It really looks nice now.

Jen had called and was coming in about 3:00 so we were waiting for her, sitting in chairs on the patio.

Colby has such a great time when he can be outdoors. We love walking around with him. We showed Colby the birdhouse given to us by Gloria, Colby’s other grandma. It is a cute birdhouse, built to look like an RV trailer. Marilyn & I put it in a tree here at the campground and a bird has a nest in it. As I held Colby close to see the bird inside, the bird got a bit excited and suddenly flew out of the birdhouse, startling both, Colby and me.

Colby enjoys pushing his stroller around the yard, while making “vroom, vroom” sounds like a truck.

I grilled burgers while Marilyn fixed veggies, and we enjoyed a nice dinner.

After Colby ate his dinner, I fed him some vanilla ice cream and then we went outside for a walk. I climbed in the truck with Colby and allowed him to stand on the seat in front of me so that he could pretend to be driving. He even honked the horn, which delighted both of us.

I ended up taking Colby for a ride in the golf cart. He loves that and was absolutely content as we rode around the campground.

Marilyn & Jen took over to give Colby his bath.

We visited for awhile before Jen and Colby headed home for the evening.

Tomorrow, we will be baby-sitting with Colby, so there may indeed be some new adventures for us. We never know for sure. As usual, we’ll just wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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