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the life saving poles, and some of the mud

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MAybe I should have camped after all. there was no more rain that evening and it was a gorgeous morning. The landlady was interested in my plight and gave some sponsorship money for the house building. As I hadn't intended to speak about what I was doing, unless asked, it was very inspiring that someone should be interested and sympathetic (and therefore supporting) so quickly.

It seemed (again) that I was in for a dry day. The day started ever so well as I had the first text from my mum, ever, (other than one that I sent me from her phone as part of the lesson of how to do it!). What a start to the day. well done mum. (No messages today though I'm afraid, so that could be it!).

I had a gorgeous morning. Abandoned all my own plans and headed up the ridge as directed by the landlord and AA best walks guide. Much better idea. well it was, until I got to the top of Waun fach. Dear me, very uninspiring place. Mud and bogs - I've not seen anything like it, since the Pennine way in 1996. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE POLES. I had to launch myself across so many muddy holes I could not have done without them. I only slipped majorly once (but I think I covered up yesterdays bruise on bum with a much bigger one today, Wednesday!).

Away from the mud it was ok again and I galloped up to Pen y Mmanllwyn and then Pen y Gadair Fawr and down a different route (to avoid the muddy bogs).

I was supposed to camp (again?!) but decided that as it was only 3.30 ish I'd be much better off heading on the road and getting north. So into the sunset I drove, on the lookout for a tea shop on route.

I seemed to attract the rain as it was soon torrential (and of course the wipers don't work that well in the car, what does??) and there was nowhere to stop so two and a half hours later I found myself at the chip shop in Dolgg.... (another welsh name). Not the plan but it filled a hole. i was still looking for a campsite or a hostel but the road to the hostel was closed by a gate (and a rocky arrowed road) and the campsite on my side of the gate, didn't seem to be welcoming campers (no one there) and the ground was sodden (still). So I found myself at the door of an advertised 5* b&b (what has happenedd to my resilient standards??).

Alas, there was no room at the Inn, but, the lovely Welsh lady said, 'I do have my self catering cottage that's free'. What hardship. I negotiated a tenner off the price and settled myself into 5 * self catering (two bedroomed, three bathrooms), for the night. wonderful!

Peaks - 3

Cum.- 15

Distance - a lot

Caramel squares - none

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