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Through the plastic bag

kind of camping....

Today was the day when, oh no, I realised, in my haste, I'd packed the pair of waterproof trousers that I keep strictly for guests. being fashion concious that I try to be, rolling over several times at the waist and trying to gather in at theankles with hair ties, wasent' the look that I particular wanted, but needs must.

It was raining. Raining rather a lot which didn't help me leave quickly, the beautiful hotel at Crickhowell. the breakfast was almost as large as the dinner but I did finally roll myself out of the hotel and headed for the hills.

It was gorgeous to start with. I did my customery improvisation on route and added the extra few miles that I seem to by accident, not minding as it was so pretty and the weather, so lovely. well, that didn't last, once I was at the top of the first Cerrig Calch of course the rain started. i'll try and attach a photo because it was so funny, I had to take it through the plastic bag, trying to protect my new camera. no doubt it won't last long. Of course then once the rain had started, the hail started, as big as small peas they were and it hurt (heidi would know!). After the hail came the sleet and then the mist/fog, no visibility so I consequently overshot the path (after peaking pen Allimawr and headed off for an extra ridge circuit.

Monday was also the day that I realised (again) that I'd forgotten decent gloves and my fleece ones just weren't up to gale force rain storms. that gave me an incentive to hurry up. Finding an outdoors shop in town was a must, therefore i must be there by 5.00.

Therefore I was there by 5 and as well as some very expensive but well worth it gloves, a pack cover (from the elements) I also got some advice re my bruised ankle and stiff boots. A sanitary towel or compeed were the suggestions!

After another beautiful home made chocolate (the only way to get one was to order some coffee) at the hotel, I headed off to my next destination..... camping....

Time for confession - well, after raining most of the day, and due to the fact the pub that the campsite was at was shut on mondays, what would be the point in spending a sodden evening and night in a dark tent. Result - I took the b&b option! However, as the pub was shut, I did cook my dinner in my billy over my gas stove. so I almost camped, and it didn't rain for the whole cooking duration.

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