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Bryant and Chilson rigs

Reed and Persinger rigs

Sunday morning gathering

Packing up view

A farewell conversation

There we go...

Tom and Dianna led us to their house

A great place to spend the night :-)

Their deck

Their pond

Farewells and promises to meet again, same time - same place 2010. Everyone began the packing up process. Jim and Sherri and Gary and JoElla are leaving us and going to the Dallas area for a while. We traveled to Tom and Dianna's home at Rattan, OK to spend the night.

We had a nice 3 hour drive and we arrived before the predicted thunderstorms. Dianna had prepared a nice stew for dinner and we contributed chocolate cream pie. We sat out on the deck until dark, visiting and enjoying the cool evening. Their pond is filling with water and even has a couple of Bass in it. Wes and Tom had one last dish of ice cream and we turned in.

Tomorrow we separate and go on to Ft. Gibson. We have had an enjoyable 3 weeks traveling with these best of friends. We have gotten along well and had a great time. (I know, I keep saying "great", but that's how it was) It was a little sad to leave everyone, but we know we will meet up again - maybe in Colorado or Q or Yuma, or RGV or Aransas Pass - for sure at Camp Tonkawa next year.

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