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The tread just peeled off the tire and ripped through the wheel...

Tread gone by- by on tire!!

Fender was taken out when tread slung off the tire onto the...

When the tread exploded it ripped through the underside of the wheel...

As the tread exploded it ripped up the underside of the slide...

This is a little late but this is me and Mr. Charles...

The spare tire has a bulging tire separation (see chalk line) and...

Another view of the spare bulging separation (see chalk line) and was...

Finished work


Hello Family and Friends,

Well, we have made it back to Maryville. Arrived here on Sunday afternoon after a 7.5 hour drive. Our drive was interrupted by a tire failure on the trailer about 50 miles out of Charleston.

We managed to limp to an exit and a large parking area near a BP station. I exchanged the failed tire with the spare and we were on our way again. The camper sustained some moderate damage to the left side wheel well when the tire tread separated and tore loose. Remember those steel belted aligators on the interstate...well we put one out there on this trip home. Will contact the tire manufacture and see if they will cover the damage and replace the tire. We are just happy that we did not wreck and hit someone when the tire went. Other than that we had a great trip home!

The weather is hot and sunny here in East Tennessee and that is the way we like it. Over the next few weeks we will be getting the rig cleaned up and fixed up again for the road. In the meantime, we are just gonna relax and visit with family, friends and get caught up on all the news here at home.

Someone asked us where we were off to next. Well, as previously report here, we are seriously considering a visit to Maine and a few places in between. If that happens we will most likely try for July or early August. Everyone tells me that Maine is unbearable when the black flys, misquitoes and knats are flying. These little critters are gone by the 4th of July though.

Thank you for all the good comments and suggestions given during our latest assignment to the low country. Now it is time to do to the home thing...like mow the grass and be a home owner again :)

Keep checking back to the trip journal for updates and of course we will send out an announcement if something comes up!!

In Dad’s memory the ADVENTURE continues……………..

Later alligators!

Archie, Chris and Chad (the wonder dog)

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