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Last evening was a bit unusual for Marilyn & I. The expected thunderstorms appeared on schedule and the TV program we were watching was frequently interrupted to bring us updates on the approaching storms.

When they began to tell us of winds of 60 to 70 mph with gusts up to 80 mph or more, we retracted the slide out rooms and took the truck up to the storm shelter.

We sat in the truck, within a few yards of the shelter, as the rain pelted us, with some occasional small hail mixed in.

The winds did blow but nowhere near the velocity we were told to expect.

We returned to our RV once the main part of the storm passed. We left the slides in and went to bed to watch “The Unit”.

Both of us slept well and I was awake this morning, in time to watch the day break. It was too overcast to see any sunrise.

I put the slides out and made a fresh pot of coffee, then put some music on the stereo. I knew that the smell of coffee and the music would get Marilyn out of bed. I was correct!

It was a steady rain which greeted us today, so we sat in the living room with our coffee and the fireplace. Soft music played on the sound system as we watched the rain falling outdoors.

We talked about some future travel plans and Marilyn did some research on a couple of RV Parks we are interested in visiting.

I took my shower and dressed for the day. Soon, Marilyn & I were ready to brave the wet conditions and go to “Cracker Barrel” for breakfast. We mentioned that we have seen more rain since we arrived here in Topeka, than we have seen since leaving Hannibal last November.

I called Liberty RV to make sure they were expecting us tomorrow and we agreed to be there as close to 9:00 AM as we could make it. We went over the list of items for repair, which includes a new spray assembly and possibly a new flusher valve for our SeaLand toilet, replacing some lights in the bedroom, and repair of the drawer under our fridge in the kitchen.

We hope the repairs won’t take long and we can drive on to Hannibal tomorrow afternoon.

Marilyn & I drove across town to the restaurant, driving in the steady rainfall and talking about the conditions being the same rainy weather, the last time we stayed here in Topeka.

The truck, which was nice and clean when we started, is now looking a bit dirty, and ready for a wash and wax job.

Marilyn & I sat here relaxing and watching the news when we heard that a tornado had struck Enid, Oklahoma. That is where our friends, Ralph & Rosalie live, so we called them to make sure they are ok.

Ralph said that several homes and a business were destroyed, about 80 homes damaged, but no loss of life, so we were happy to hear that.

We have a few chores to complete before we leave in the morning, but they must wait until late in the day today.

We will dump the holding tanks and roll up the bed cover on our truck. Everything else is about ready to go now. We are anxious to get back to Hannibal.

We are supposed to have one day of sunshine, so we are hoping that we will be in Hannibal before the rain and storms begin again.

Marilyn & I spent most of our afternoon reading, working puzzles, watching the History Channel on TV, or just relaxing. It remained quite cool outdoors, with intermittent misty rain, so Marilyn decided to fix a kettle of potato soup. That is one of my favorites!

After dinner, we went outdoors to roll up the bed cover on the truck and I stayed to dump the holding tanks, while Marilyn came back inside.

Tonight we’ll watch “Dancing with the Stars” and will turn in early. We have a busy day tomorrow with quite a bit of driving. We should be hugging Jen & Colby by tomorrow evening, so life is good!

We anticipate a routine travel day, but you never know for sure just what adventures tomorrow may have in store…..

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