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Last evening, I had finished the journal entry before we settled down to relax. Well, right after I posted the journal entry, The ball game we were watching was interrupted to show the weather radar, with red being the predominant color on the screen. A heavy thunderstorm was in progress and the sky outdoors was very dark and ominous looking. Then the sirens began screaming and the weatherman informed us that a tornado warning was in effect.

We watched the radar, which showed the worst of the weather to the southeast of us and moving northeast.

The ballgame was over by the time they returned to regular broadcasting, and we slept well, even though the bad weather did result in a tornado touching down between Lawrence and Kansas City, MO.

We hope no one was hurt!

We slept until after daylight this morning. Once we were up, we sat outdoors to drink our morning coffee. Our neighbors, Maurice & Judy, walked over to visit with us for awhile. They live nearby and belong to a camping club which spent the weekend here for a get-together.

After our new friends left, we walked around the resort to look at the other RVs.

The nasty weather returned later in the morning, as we had a heavy thunderstorm, with lightning and thunder. The TV continued to warn of storms and tornado watches in various counties.

We are keeping an eye out for anything which would cause us to vacate the RV and look for a solid brick building.

We may turn on our weather radio before we go to bed tonight.

Many of the RVers have gone home, but we are here waiting for a chance to have some work done on our RV, in Liberty, MO.

We spoke to Carl & Linda on the phone this morning, and later, to Jennifer. She is anxious for us to get to Hannibal, just as we are wanting to be there. It will only be a couple more days, and we’ll be back with our kids and grandchild.

We look forward to our time in Hannibal. We have many things to complete before moving out west to Colorado for a couple of months.

It is not as enjoyable to live in the “travel” mode, as when we are situated in a certain location for awhile. Our chairs remain turned so as not to interfere with the slide-ins, as they come in. Many of the pictures and “homey” things remain in their safe place for moving, until we get to Hannibal.

We only take two chairs out of the basement storage area, the awning stays rolled up, and anything that is not absolutely needed, remains in its travel place.

There is no doubt about it, we are ready to reach Hannibal.

We may reach Liberty, MO tomorrow, if the weather will cooperate. Otherwise, we’ll wait until Tuesday morning to drive over there. We are two hours away from Liberty, have several hours of work to be done and then a four hour drive on to Hannibal.

As you can tell from reading this journal entry, there isn’t much to write about today. We are kicked back, playing the part of couch potatoes today.

Tonight, we’ll watch “Amazing Race” and later, “The Unit”, if we can stay awake that long.

We’ll have to wait for morning to see where we will spend that night, and you just never know what adventures tomorrow might have in store…..

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