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Junie Michael & Robin

Junie Michael

RB Sloan

Steve Hale

RB Sloan

Art and Parade Girls

Rob James

RB Sloan

Robin & Art

Rob, Robin, Art, Steve, Junie & RB

Laura, Rob, Robin, Art, Steve, Junie & RB

Terri & Rob James

RB Sloan

Robin & Steve Hale

Junie Michael


Only one vehicle - Going to dinner ....

RB, Junie, Steve, Robin, Art & Rob

Dinner at Bon Apetito

Laura & Ron

Art & Ms. Size DD

Very strange man & Robin

Robin & Pirate

Bad Elvis & Robin

Hopelessly tangled beads (Laura & Robin)

Minnie, Robin, 2 parade characters

??? and Robin

Mickey & Minnie with Robin

Your worst fear of a blind date!

Minnie & Art

Minnie & Rob

Here are miscellaneous pictures of Art and I with old and new friends!

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