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This weekend was the finale of the 10 day Conch Republic celebration in Key West. The grand parade was held on Friday and the bed races on Saturday. There were activities being held all throughout Key West - music everywhere, bikini contests, food tasting events, etc. but the center of most of the activity took place on the famous Duval Street. Hundreds of watchers lined Duval, moving in and out of bars and shops, simultaneously watching the activities going on constantly in the street. All activities are centered around fundraising for AIDS. Given the masses of people who showed up each day, they must have raised a great deal of money. I am sure beer sales were a large part of it! One thing we learned quickly about the Keys is that ANYTHING GOES ... what an unbelievable place for people watching. As you can see from the pictures, there are a lot of people with great imaginations. I did my best to have my picture taken with all sorts of characters. Art mainly concentrated on having his picture taken with the "chesty" ladies! Our friends Terri and Rob James from Pine Island borrowed a friend's RV and joined us for a few days, plus friends from North Carolina rode motorcycles in for the weekend (Junie Michael, Steve Hale and R.B. Sloan). We had a blast - eating fabulous meals, drinking good wine and enjoying the beautiful weather and camaraderie of great friendship. We have been blessed by being able to share our lives with so many wonderful and cherished friends, those we have known for many years and now, meeting new ones along the way in our adventure. Some of our new friends include Laura and Ron, who have lived here at the resort since November (living the remainder of the year in PA), as well as Helga and Frank, the people who own the lot we are renting (their RV lot is next door to ours)- a wonderful German couple in their late 70's. Laura and I meet almost every day to exercise together, plus we have enjoyed many days shopping, hanging out drinking beer and martinis, waverunning, sharing meals, etc. Unfortunately, they will be leaving next week to go back to PA. The good part about being on the road is the terrific people you meet and spend time with. The not so good part is everyone moving on to their next place. It's a good reminder that our times together are fleeting and we have to make the most of every day of our lives!

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