Our campsite San Juan Bautista

It is a very hilly area with lots of farming

Nearby..about 6 miles from us is Gilroy, it is a huge garlic...

The Garlic Shoppe

There are lots of cherries too

Garlic World

San Juan is a very old town

San Juan Mission

Another view

Plaza Hotel 1856

Windmill Market In San Juan

House Finch at my feeder, orange variety..

Last one!!

We are in San Juan Bautista, California staying at the Betable RV Resort. We had a pretty easy drive because we decided to totally by-pass San Francisco and took the Oakland route.

This part of California is having a record breaking heat - wave. It has been over 100 degrees and we are running the air conditioners night and day. It is suppose to only last a couple of days, thank goodness.

We just heard on the news that the Harbor Seals in Santa Cruz are having babies and you can view them on the beach from a distance. This will be one of the first places we visit. :-) We are only 6 miles from the town of Gilroy. It has the Annual Garlic Festival each July and is known as the Garlic Capital of the World. I am adding some pictures we took while riding through Gilroy and a few of San Juan Bautista. We have a lot of exploring to do. More later from California.

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