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We relax


The pork loin is done

What an awesome day this is!

Last evening was quite nice, too, and we went to sleep with all three bedroom windows open and no heat in the RV. We both slept great until I awoke at 4:16 this morning. There was an icy breeze blowing across my face from the open window beside me. I came awake enough to close that window, and the ruckus woke Marilyn, so she closed her window. I knew that I would have to get out of bed to close the big window over the bedroom dresser, but I hesitated, not wanting to get out from under those nice warm covers.

Even though I was still half asleep, I crawled out of bed and closed the last open window, then jumped back in bed, just long enough to realize that the small fan was still on. That, combined with the feeling that I now needed to make a trip to the bathroom, convinced me to get up once more.

Both of us managed to get back to sleep but I was awake for the day by 6:30.

Marilyn followed me downstairs. She put coffee on while I turned on the fireplace to take the chill off.

We shared our morning coffee, watching for a sign that Rick & Sherry were up and at ‘em.

When we saw Rick & Sherry, we went outdoors to talk with them for a bit as they were getting ready to leave for San Antonio.

We said “so long” to these good friends with hugs and a promise that they would call us to let us know when they were home safely.

Once our friends were gone, Marilyn & I got busy with some of our own plans.

Marilyn sorted laundry and I helped by carrying it over to the laundry room for her. She used all four of the washing machines but only three dryers.

While she was doing the laundry, I set the chairs and tables up on our patio, retrieved the grill from the basement storage and put a marinated pork loin on to cook. We’ll eat that for dinner, with a salad and a veggie.

I lubed the hydraulic legs of the RV, and began to get a few things ready to roll. I washed the truck but the hard water left water spots so it is a mixed bag as to the value. The truck does look nicer from a distance and even up close. Once the truck was sort of clean, I fueled it up with diesel at $2.169 per gallon, at a Loves station just down the road from the resort.

Later today, I will dump the holding tanks and roll up the sewer hose.

Tomorrow we plan to drive I-40 to Oklahoma City where we will stay at Twin Fountains RV Resort, on the north side of town.

We hope to visit the Cowboy Museum and the Memorial Park downtown, while we are there.

We have a few pictures for you today. This is a relaxing day for us as we prepare to travel tomorrow.

So, dear readers, we must simply wait until morning to have our first look at what tomorrow has in store…..

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