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lamb rotisserie is near our table

Happy Greek Easter!

Dann dances

He tries to shake his tummy like she does

Gette helps out

time for the line dance

Gette hangs on to Laurie!

Jeanne & Rosemary dance too

employee on the bar - Rosemary has fun

Georgette is lucky that there is a Greek restaurant within 2 miles of her house. Today is Greek Easter and she loves to host a party at her house but it wasn't practical this year because of the triathlon and the Delray Affair.

The town of Delray is having their 47th annual street fair this weekend and that's where we went after the triathlon to wind down and have lunch. Also, the Boston Terrier Rescue is in Delray and they participate in the street fair every year. Jeanne & Laurie visit them yearly and do their part to promote the Rescue, since that's where they get their "children". We saw lots of dogs, other rescues, and many, many stations for crafts, artwork, and booths for good causes.

After resting up, we all met at Ouzo Blue for a celebration of Greek Easter, Connie's upcoming birthday, Earth Day, and our last gathering for quite awhile, since I am leaving the area. They had a lamb special dinner where you get Greek-flavored boiled potatoes (very good and tasty)and a generous cut of lamb - whichever body part is next cut is what you get! I got a little bit of ribs and what might have been the butt shank! Jeannie got ribs and part of the backbone area. No one got lamb's brains, though - a real Greek specialty! As we finished up the meal, dancers appeared and danced around the tables. When they saw our table with 6 women and 1 man, they immediately came to Dann and convinced him to get up and dance with them. He is such a good sport! When the very festive traditional song played, our table got up and started a "conga" line going around the tables and picking up other revelers. I didn't dance - I took pictures, but got the backs of them most of the time - they really moved! We didn't dance on the bars or tables, but the employees did! They don't throw plates any more at the restaurants, like they do at Greek parties - they throw napkins!

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