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Long Horn






Archway & Herod's Court

Pilate's Court

Mama & baby right after birth

Mama & Auntie and Baby trying to get her up

Still working at it

shes up, shes down, shes up


Mama & Baby doing fine


Elk on the move

Wichita Mts. Wildlife Refuge Campground, Doris

Small Lake behind our camp

Sunday, April 19

John is feeling well enough for a drive today and I will take him into a shorter one. Leaving the campground headed north to Oklahoma. His goal was Oklahoma City, but I knew we would stop before that. We headed for the Wichita Mts. Wildlife Refuge. What an awesome choice that was. The weather was good and the drive easy. Our first stop in the Mts. was the "Holy City" This is the background for the longest running Passion Play in America. Of course we were a week late for the play, but that's OK, because just being there was awesome. It began in 1926, and by 1933 during the depression the government work forces built the buildings that stand today. They give performances two weeks before Easter and Easter Eve. Being involved in many passion plays, this was an spiritual place for me. I could just feel the presents. There was a museum and a wonderful church. we enjoyed this experience very much. Pics attached.

After we left the "Holy City" we made our way to the campground to looked it over and see if we wanted to stay there. On our way, we were privileged to be a distant onlooker at the birth of a baby Bison. It was so very awesome. Not many people get to see that. The Bison were out in the field roaming around and we stopped to watch along with some others. Everyone was so silent. I have seen kittens and puppies born, and also a calf, but this was like in the wild, and a Bison. We took pics, but they just aren't the same. The care and love that mama Bison was giving to her baby. After a lot of care and cleaning of the baby, and with help from a couple other mamas, baby was gently nudged and push towards standing up. Mama kept at it and finally baby was on all 4's and the silence became a round of cheering. Of course this kept up a few times with the up and down of the baby, but I just can't tell you how we felt to watch that. It was so cool.

We found the campground "Doris" and it was really nice and I wanted to stay. So we did. Got our American Pass discount of 50 % and paid our $8.00. It was lovely. The birds singing and a creek near us and no traffic noise or airplanes and all. It was great. We didn't have any phone service, so if anyone tried to get us, we were out of range. We took an early evening drive in the refuge and got to see, Bison, Elk, Deer, Long Horn, Prairie Dog, and squirrels and other little critters. We also enjoyed the museum in the area.

April, 20

After a leisure walk in the woods and by the lake, we left the refuge and headed to Oklahoma City.

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